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WWE News: Woken Matt Hardy action figure already in production

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This actionf

This action figure shall be absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

What's the story?

Matt Hardy's Woken condition has finally reached the WWE Universe and it is an exciting time for long-time fans of the oldest Hardy brother. This new chapter is sure to be stellar especially with WWE's merchandise and production machine.

It looks like the Mattel is already on their way to debuting a Woken Matt Hardy action figure very soon.

In case you didn't know...

WWE's long history in the action figure market is the stuff of legend. They started with LJN and moved from Hasbro to Jax and now the contract rests safely in the hands of Mattel. Needless to say, the toy super company Mattel has done an amazing job marketing for WWE.

Their figures are top-notch and special editions bring collectors out in droves to search through retail shelves and online stores for the perfect next addition to their collections.

The heart of the matter

With Woken Matt Hardy already appearing on Raw, the greater WWE Universe might not know what's coming next. But it looks like there are some longterm plans for merchandising and it's happening even sooner than some would have anticipated.

Matt Hardy retweeted a social media message from Ringside Collectables, one of the biggest online pro wrestling action figure dealers which proclaimed a Woken Matt Hardy figure is on the way in 2018. Although it might seem like a long time away, 2018 starts next month.

Although we don't get a full body shot of this new figure we can only hope it will come in an Elite edition complete with the WONDERFUL red coat synonymous with the persona that traveled through space and time to enter Hardy's earthly vessel.

The face on this new figure is amazing and gives off the impression that Mattel knew this would be coming sooner or later so they had Matt Hardy pose in a Woken expression while he was getting his face scans for the Hardy Boyz' previous figures that were released earlier this year.

What's next?

The Woken Matt Hardy figure is sure to fly off the shelves. If you can find it in a retail environment you should feel very lucky and not pass it up. Because who knows how much a figure like that will go for n the treacherous secondary market?

Author's take

This action figure might be well worth the wait for the WWE Universe. It is also a great sign that there will be plenty of things to come with Matt Hardy's crazy expression on it. It is simply DELIGHTFUL! YAAAAASSS!

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