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WWE News: WWE announces return of podcast series

Brandon Ewing
3.00K   //    21 Dec 2018, 23:28 IST

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What's the story?

WWE has had continued success with original programming such as: "Camp WWE", "The Edge & Christian Show: That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness", and "WWE Story Time", just to name a few. The company has announced the return of a podcast series that will begin airing sometime following WrestleMania 35, in April 2019.

In case you didn't know...

"Something Else to Wrestle With..." ran for about 13 episodes on the WWE Network last year and garnered much success, starring Bruce Pritchard and Conrad Thompson. The show is the WWE version (or spin-off, in a sense) from their weekly podcast of a similar name: "Something To Wrestle With...", with this being more of a video podcast and can be debated as being a bit more toned down/family friendly to meet the WWE guidelines.

The heart of the matter

The show ran into a minor speed bump this past July when WWE attempted to edit and tone down a show based around the ECW Revival in 2006. The episode was filmed and produced by Conrad and Bruce, but didn't air due to "creative differences" initially but aired the following week once said differences were settled.

According to PWInsider, WWE has plans to bring the podcast back with a few slight tweaks. This time around, fans should expect to see the content after the closure of the WrestleMania 35 season, meaning it shouldn’t be expected until late April 2019 onwards.

What's next?

You can watch the previous season of "Something Else To Wrestle With..." on the WWE Network at any time on demand. Also, you can check out their original podcast: "Something To Wrestle With..." here, with new episodes airing every Friday afternoon. Be sure to tune in this April for the new season, as it will surely be a rollercoaster ride of laughs and hilarious stories!

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