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WWE News: WWE fan destroyed by vicious Kevin Owens insult at RAW house show

KO took on friend-turned-foe Sami Zayn in a street fight at the WWE live event in Salt Lake City.

KO was at it again

What’s the story?

Kevin Owens is at it again. This week, he took on friend-turned-foe Sami Zayn in a street fight at the WWE live event in Salt Lake City. KO would go on to pop-up powerbomb Zayn through a table and pin him for a win. However, his actions following the match had the fans in hysterics.

The Universal Champion was met with a chorus of boos as he walked out of the ring, but he had the perfect response as always. Watch the incident in the video below:

In case you didn’t know…

KO has provided the WWE fans with plenty of amusement since he joined the main roster. Even though 99% of the amusement is just him insulting the crowd, they still love it. Recently, though, he has made it a bit of a habit. He has been up to his tricks at both at house shows as well as the dark segments when Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

We’ve witnessed Roman Reigns breaking character and laughing out loud because of his insults and he also hit out at a kid for touching him during his entrance. 

The heart of the matter

Following the highly entertaining match, where we saw tables, chairs, kendo sticks being frequently used by both KO and Zayn, the former emerged the victor. As he stepped off the ring, the fans started booing at the Universal Champion, fans telling him he sucks, while one also told him to go back to Winnipeg.

KO was prepared. After an intense stare off, he shrugged at the fans and responded:

“You will never be what I am. Have fun being a virgin forever.”

This somewhat managed to subdue the fans and some of the boos turned to cheers. However, KO was not yet done. To rub salt in the wounds, he re-entered the ring and celebrated his championship, quite conveniently stepping on Zayn on the way.

What’s next?

It is being rumoured that Owens will take on Goldberg at Fastlane, which could then lead to a feud with Chris Jericho which could culminate at WrestleMania 33.

Sportskeeda’s take

Fans of professional wrestling have learnt by now that you need to get your mobile cameras out and be ready whenever Kevin Owens is in action at a house show because you’re going to be entertained.

Never change, KO.

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