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WWE News: WWE Legend Comments On Woken Matt Hardy's Future

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Matt Hardy

What's the story?

Jim Ross was a guest at Sam Robert's podcast during a recent episode and spoke about a variety of topics including why it is important for the talent to build a relationship with Vince McMahon among other things.

J.R also spoke about Matt Hardy and what he needs to do to make his Woken character work in the WWE.

In case you didn't know...

J.R had been a staple of WWE programming from 1993 to 2009 as a commentator. He left WWE around 2010 but has continued to make sporadic appearances, the most recent being at Wrestlemania 33 and as the commentator of the May Young Classic on the WWE network.

Matt Hardy had made waves around the Wrestling world when he debuted his "Broken" Gimmick in 2016 during his run with Impact Wrestling.

Ever since Matt made his comeback to the WWE, fans were waiting for him to finally debut that gimmick on WWE TV and after a long wait, WWE Finally pulled the trigger last month and brought back the gimmick under the "Woken" monicker.

The heart of the matter

There is a lot of speculation going on as to how successful Matt will be able to make his Woken Personna given that he will not have a free hand creatively as he did back in Impact Wrestling.

J.R recently stated that he feels Matt Hardy has been a part of the business for long enough and knows where opportunities come and how fleeting they can be. He further adds that Matt has only one chance to make it work and because there won't be an option of a second reboot.

Here is an excerpt: (credit: 411mania)

He’s committed to it and it feels organic. It feels like he has had a metamorphosis of attitude, and theory, and mind, the whole nine yards.

What's next?

Matt Hardy is currently embroiled in a feud with Bray Wyatt and it looks like the two will be having a match very soon.

Author's take

I have been a fan of the Broken character since it's initial days and was glad when Matt finally debuted the gimmick on RAW. However, it feels like WWE's version of the character is rather one-dimensional and the layers to his persona have not really been tapped into.

The audience is firmly behind Matt and I hope that creative can make good use of the momentum as this gimmick has a lot of potential if used right!

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