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WWE News: WWE legend details how Roman Reigns can a get babyface reaction

Johny Payne
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Roman Reigns was greeted with largely negative reactions from fans and experts alike after he bested the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33
Roman Reigns was greeted with largely negative reactions from fans and experts alike after he bested the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of The Ross Report, pro-wrestling legend Ted DiBiase revealed how Roman Reigns can get a babyface reaction from the fans.

Additionally, DiBiase alluded that the WWE could possibly turn Reigns heel, before the eventual babyface transformation. Besides, "The Million Dollar Man" also praised The Undertaker for his physicality and longevity in the business.

In case you didn’t know…

Roman Reigns has been a WWE main roster staple for about half a decade now, but has garnered highly negative reactions from fans in attendance -- with the vast majority of fans and experts opining the WWE’s excessive push to "The Big Dog" being the main reason behind them booing his character.

Reigns, despite being promoted by the WWE as a babyface, is consistently greeted with thunderous boos in the vast majority of TV appearances he makes for the promotion. 

The heart of the matter

Firstly, Ted DiBiase praised a former Reigns opponent, The Undertaker, explaining that although he wasn’t too impressed with The Deadman at first, the latter eventually proved his mettle on the back of his athleticism and work ethic.

Furthermore, DiBiase addressed the aforementioned negative fan-reaction directed towards Reigns and elucidated that one’s pro-wrestling character is ultimately determined by what the promotion’s management asks the wrestler to play.

Besides, he insinuated that Reigns ought to work with what the fans give him. The Million Dollar man continued and said, “In terms of Roman Reigns being a babyface or a heel, if the people want to like him, they're going to like him. The reason, in our lingo, we call it, I was a 'chickens--t' heel, I was the bully heel.

“I'd talk real big and when somebody steps up to the plate, you become a coward, and you never get tired of seeing that guy get his butt kicked. But if you're a 'tough guy' heel, you're eventually going to be a babyface because everybody loves a tough guy."

What’s next?

Roman Reigns is presently recovering from a mumps infection which he sustained during a recent viral outbreak in the WWE locker room.


Author’s take

Reigns is one of the best performers in the business today, bar none.

He puts in the work day in and day out, and honestly speaking, how can anyone fault a person with that kind of workhorse demeanour and stupendous ethic? It isn’t folly to believe that the fans will eventually give him a babyface reaction when he makes a triumphant comeback from his illness.

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