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WWE News: WWE Legend explains why Vince McMahon started the attitude era

Karan Bedi
1.86K   //    23 Mar 2019, 22:06 IST

It's all about the Benjamins
It's all about the Benjamins

What's the story?

Bruce Prichard, on his podcast "Something to Wrestle With" explains the real reason why Vince McMahon was ALL IN for the Attitude Era.

The answer is not exactly what you might be thinking.

In case you didn't know...

For those unaware, Bruce Prichard was one of the pillars of the WWE creative team starting with the company all way back in 1987. In 1988, he debuted as Brother Love, a weird red-faced preacher.

What some in the WWE Universe doesn't realize, it was actually Brother Love who managed The Undertaker when he debuted at WWE Superstars of Wrestling and subsequently at Survivor Series 1990.

Most WWE fans remember the attitude era was created in order to combat the growing popularity of the WCW with their NWO invasion and realistic and/or edgy storylines.

The Heart of the matter

During his podcast, 'Something to Wrestle With', Bruce Prichard details several events from WWE History from his POV. In this segment, he discusses the main reason for WWE changing course into the attitude era.

He revealed that in those days, they were mainly looking at adult advertisers who wanted an adult demographic. While there were children watching, the overall audience demographic was far older.

So, Vince was using that. He wanted to get that money. He felt that if we get after some of the adult advertisers, that would change everything as well. And get know..there was a know..he didn't want to take the toy company advertisers...even Mars to a point...even's a candy..everybody eats it...But it was money...So Hell Yeah! Money is Money.
And the lure of adult advertisers ...there was telling us that your product needs to...if you have so many 12-years old watching your product...we can't sell our product on your show.

Like all good businessmen, Mr. McMahon made the right choice at the right time for WWE to be the powerhouse it is today.

What's next?

After leaving WWE In 2008, Bruce Prichard has finally returned to the company in 2019 in a backstage role.

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