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WWE News: WWE legend recommends change in character for Roman Reigns

Riju Dasgupta
6.33K   //    14 Jun 2018, 11:48 IST

Eric Bischoff pointed out what was wrong with The Big Dog!
Eric Bischoff pointed out what was wrong with The Big Dog!

What's the story?

Eric Bischoff spearheaded the rise of WCW at the very height of the Monday Night Wars that put WWE nearly out of business. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, he addressed the Roman Reigns problem.

According to Bischoff, the only way to rescue Reigns was to turn him heel. I thank SEScoops for the quote.

In case you didn't know...

The WWE Universe greets Roman Reigns with a barrage of boos on a weekly basis. While he has been pushed as WWE's top star, The WWE Universe has never accepted him and fans have been very outspoken about the same.

After his stint in WCW, Bischoff also became the RAW General Manager. He is considered by many to be the best RAW General Manager in WWE history. Little wonder then, that he received the loudest pop when he stepped out at RAW 25 with other former RAW General Managers.

The heart of the matter

Eric Bischoff first spoke about what went wrong with the Roman Reigns push:

I think the way he’s been packaged and the way he’s been presented and dare I say it because I don’t like to be critical but there’s no other way to say it, he’s been forced down everybody’s throats for two years. But no matter how good you are, I don’t care if you’re Vince McMahon or you’re Steven Spielberg or even if you’re William Shakespeare, it’s doesn’t matter. 

Bischoff went on to say what he would do to change the audience's perception of Roman Reigns:

You can only force that fish to swim upstream until it just gets tired as has to go the other way. I wish they would turn him heel. I wish they would embrace that.

What's next?

Roman Reigns is not turning heel anytime soon. He takes on Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank. It's anyone's guess with regard to what's next for him.


Would you like to see Roman Reigns turn heel?

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