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From the WWE rumor mill: WWE Network could be planning TV-14 Hardcore Wrestling program

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What's the story?

WWE is always trying to gauge their audience to see what their customers want. They recently sent out a survey to their Fan Council asking about if they had interest in specific programming.

One of the questions would lead us to believe they might be considering a something a little bit more mature down the line.

In case you didn't know...

WWE Network got off to a good start and they've been able to secure more than one million subscribers. But they want more and they keep handing out free subscriptions to the WWE Network like they're going out of style.

However, there might be a better way to get more viewers and keep them. There are actually a number of ideas that are planned in the pipeline, and WWE Network recently sent out a questionnaire to their fans to see what they might be interested in.

The heart of the matter

WWE recently sent out a survey gauging interest concerning a number of new show ideas. There were plenty of ideas which were pretty good one like house shows, new reality shows, and scripted comedies.

They asked if fans would be interested in one-time live shows from unique venues all over the world as well as more local tournaments akin to the WWE United Kingdom Tournament.

A very interesting choice included historic programming from TNA/Impact/ and Global Force Wrestling. The survey also asked if fans would be interested in Ring Of Honor programming as well which is also intriguing.

But the option that really piqued our interest was the idea of WWE putting on a new weekly version of ECW or some other kind of edgy TV-14 programming.

These new programs might be part of a price-tier system they hinted about implementing. Some other features listed for premium members could be the ability to make playlists, watch in virtual reality, and receive breaking WWE news first, through your membership.

This new premium level could also include "special offers for WWE VIP events and products including Meet & Greet discount packages and special offers on products from WWE sponsors."

What's next?

As the WWE Network continues they will always keep trying to figure out how to keep themselves afloat. They have a nice subscriber base already, they just need to figure out how to keep them.

Some of these new ideas, including a TV-14 show of some kind, could be very interesting. If they turned the idea of hardcore wrestling into a tournament setup it might be an extremely popular endeavor.

Author's take

If WWE did some kind of hardcore tournament...let's just call it the "Mick Foley Classic" for instance, I wouldn't be surprised. After all, I did a list a little bit ago which included a Hardcore Tournament as a possibility in tournaments WWE should introduce.

If WWE Network were to implement a new pay scale for their services it might introduce a new plethora of programming thanks to the extra profits. But they should learn from their past mistakes because they spent a lot of money on projects like Camp WWE and WWE Slam City.

It looks like they're not giving up though and could have a plan on how to bring some cool content to the WWE Universe. It might just cost a little extra.

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