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WWE News: WWE's Wellness Policy given praise by recovering former WWE and ECW Superstar

WWE's Wellness Policy finally getting some props.

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Justin Credible is slowly getting his life back on track.

What's the story?

In a series of tweets today, former WWE and ECW wrestler Justin Credible credited his fans and the WWE Wellness Program for helping him recover from his alcohol addiction.

Credible, who retired in November 2015 (he says October in his tweets), even teased a potential 2018 return to wrestling too.

In case you didn't know...

WWE's Wellness Policy makes sure their current Superstars aren't taking performance-enhancing substances. Although people have criticised it's legitimacy and accuracy over the years, it has caught many Superstars who are taking banned substances, and given them the support they need to not take them again.

Justin Credible had a pretty decent career in pro wrestling with WWE, ECW and the indies but specifically in ECW, where he was a one-time ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

After being released by WWE in 2006 following a short stint with the company, in 2007, Credible started to wrestle on the indies, and would do so under his real name P.J Polaco until 2015.

It was reported back in July, including by us here at SportsKeeda, that WWE reached out to Credible in attempt to help him recover from his alcoholic dependency, this after Credible posted a video of himself online in which he was in a terrible state.

Credible, formerly known as Aldo Montaya in his 1994-1997 WWE run, has been since working with the company's Wellness Program.

The heart of the matter

To summarize the tweets, Justin Credible stated that he is now 'clean and sober' from drinking, which is awesome news.

Credible thanked WWE's Wellness Program for 'its amazing help', which has lead him to be 'able to live a life' he 'never thought possible with gratitude love and compassion'.

The former ECW Champ hopes he gives others inspiration to fight 'their demons' too. Credible proclaimed he plans to use 2018 'to redeem' himself in the eyes of his wrestling colleagues and fans.

This seemed to be a hint that Credible might return to wrestling in the near future.

Later on in the day, Justin responded to Tommy Dreamer, thanking Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for going out of their way to 'save lives'.

What's next?

Hopefully, following a few months in rehab with the aide of WWE's Wellness Policy, Justin Credible truly has put his alcohol addiction behind him and gets his life back on track.

It would be rather remarkable if the 44 year-old man was to wrestle again on the indy scene after such a difficult time in his personal life.

It would also be great if WWE continued to help more former Superstars who have similar issues to Credible with their Wellness Policy.

Author's take

I am delighted to hear that Justin Credible is feeling better again and seems to back to normal. These addictions are hard to overcome in many cases but he has fought his demons successfully.

If it is in the best interests of his health, I think nobody would have any objections to Credible wrestling again, especially if he loves doing it.

Also, this story of how WWE went out of its way to help him was heartwarming. Their Wellness Policy is often jabbed at, but I think it does an amazing job.

It largely prevents wrestlers from taking substances they should not be, and it catches those who violate the rules.

And, it helps former WWE Superstars to fight against the troubles they have with such substances or alcohol.

But this stuff does not seem to get the same press as when there is criticism of WWE's Wellness System.

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