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WWE News: WWE Speculates what's next for 'Woken' Matt Hardy

David Cullen
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Things are looking good

What’s the story?

As seen on this past Monday's episode of WWE RAW, 'Woken' Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt in The Ultimate Deletion and, proclaimed him to be 'Deleted' after throwing him into The Lake of Reincarnation. WWE is now questioning what's next for 'Woken' Matt Hardy.

In case you didn’t know…

There was some concern within WWE, specifically from Vince McMahon, that The Ultimate Deletion would bomb. Michael Cole also called it 'obnoxious' and apologized to fans for it, before it even aired, which was possibly Vince speaking through him.

However, The Ultimate Deletion was the number one trending topic on Twitter for about two hours and has received highly positive reviews, so top WWE officials now look at it as a success, and we may see more like it.

There is high speculation that Bray Wyatt will be repackaged in some way, upon his return to TV.

The heart of the matter

We don't know what WWE has in store for 'Woken' Matt Hardy yet, or Bray Wyatt for that matter. WWE did, however, post the following teaser for Matt for this Monday's RAW. WWE said:

''What's "Woken" Matt Hardy's next move?

We all saw it, but whether we understand it is another issue entirely. This past Monday's Raw played host to The Ultimate Deletion at The Hardy Compound, where "Woken" Matt Hardy ended his Great War with Bray Wyatt by defeating him in combat and throwing the dazed Eater of Worlds into the mystical Lake of Reincarnation. Wyatt hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Now that The Woken One's rival has been vanquished, what is Hardy's path to WrestleMania?''

What’s next?

WWE RAW takes place this Monday at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Author’s take

It's hard to say what WWE's plans are for Matt Hardy at WrestleMania as most thought that was when The Ultimate Deletion was to take place. I hope WWE has something interesting in mind for Matt, instead of a likely André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal participation.

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