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WWE News: Cesaro receives emergency medical treatment after No Mercy 2017

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What's the story?

While Roman Reigns/Cena and Lesnar/Strowman were the major attractions heading into No Mercy, the undercard inarguably stole the show.

The RAW Tag Team Championship match was one of the best, if not the best match of the night. Unfortunately for Cesaro, the Swiss Cyborg lost two of his front teeth when he slammed face first into the ring post.

He immediately underwent a dental work after the match and WWE posted the video of the emergency operation on their youtube channel:

In case you didn't know...

Cesaro and Sheamus fell short in regaining the RAW Tag Team titles after Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had to dig in deep and pull off a win.

The match was probably the best of the evening with the RAW Women's Title match coming in a close second.

The tag team titles match was paced to perfection and included a couple of really pop-worthy spots.

The heart of the matter

No one but the physicality of the match is to blame for Cesaro's injury. Cesaro got way too excited when Ambrose catapulted him into the corner and instead of landing softly, smashed his mouth onto the ring post.


The Swiss Superman, however, is one tough customer and it was on full display as he finished the match with double the enthusiasm.

He even tweeted after the match as he looked for a certain Dr. Issac Yankem to fix his teeth.

What's next?

With the feud between the Bar and Rollins & Ambrose pretty much over, the focus now shifts on the new contenders for the RAW Tag Team Championship.

WWE should shed more light on the future of the division on the fallout episode of RAW.

Author's take

How can anyone hate Cesaro is beyond me! He already has two of the most memorable moments of the year under his belt, the first being the infamous beachball incident and now the shattered teeth.

For all talk about the lack of charisma, Cesaro is entertaining and his partnership with Sheamus could be the greatest thing to happen in his topsy-turvy career.

We hope to see him with a fresh pair of whites soon!

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