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WWE News: WWE Superstar's brother imprisoned for 15 years

Riju Dasgupta
89.45K   //    29 Aug 2017, 14:32 IST

The Show Off's brother was convicted for his heinous crimes!
The Show Off's brother was convicted for his heinous crimes!

What's the story?

We have just learned according to a news report on, that Donald Nemeth, brother of WWE superstar, Dolph Ziggler, has been sentenced to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter, with his accomplice, Jack King.

The latter has also been sentenced to 17 years for his involvement with the said crime. This drug related death was a direct result a robbery gone wrong, which resulted in the death of a Military veteran and drug dealer named Joshua Mascol. We've linked you to a video of the court proceedings.

In case you didn't know...

Donald Nemeth worked with his accomplice Jack King as union boilermakers. Both used to use and purchase drugs from the victim, Joshua Mascol. During this particular attempt, it seems that they tried to rob Mascol, which then resulted in gunfire. In the aftermath of the melee that ensued, Mascol was shot dead.

Mascol began selling drugs to support himself when he lost his job as a mortgage broker. The security footage does not reveal which of the men fired the shot, however.

The heart of the matter

Nemeth seemed apologetic for his crimes, and admitted to his guilt, in the video linked above. Unfortunately, it comes too late, after someone lost his life.

I’ve been battling severe addiction issues and I lost a good friend because of it

His family agreed that Donald was a good guy, and it was drugs that had made him the way he was. His aunt, Christine Basar, said the following

Had we have known he had a drug addiction, we would have surrounded him with the love that he needs. The Donny we know is a good and kind person without the drugs. Drugs just need to leave this whole country.

Our condolences go out to the Mascol family for their grievous loss. Let's hope that drug related crimes are nipped in the bud, henceforth.

What's next?

Donald Nemeth will spend the next fifteen years in captivity, for his crimes. Let's hope he undergoes the right kind of rehabilitation, while in prison.

Author's take

We saw Dolph Ziggler tease a new gimmick on SmackDown Live last week, and it may be difficult for him to focus on the matter at hand, because of his personal issues. Let's hope that he finds peace of mind with his renewed push and can focus on his career now. As for Donald Nemeth, we hope he comes out on the other side, a better man!

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