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WWE News: Ryback says Vince McMahon lied to him and convinced him to drop major lawsuit

Former Champion reveals that he wanted to sue the company for medical malpractice.

Towards the end of his career, Ryback had been relegated to mostly pre-show matches

What’s the story?

On a recent episode of ‘Conversations with the Big Guy’ former WWE Superstar Ryback spoke about what he was promised by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Ryback recalled his third ankle surgery back in 2011 when Vince McMahon promised that he would never give up on the Big Guy.

Ryback mentioned that Vince would often say that he was one of the few WWE Superstars who knew how to get over with the crowd. Ryback also revealed that he had been blackmailed into dropping a lawsuit against the WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

After a lot of disagreements over his contract, Ryback was released from the company in August last year. Ryback had been kept off television for several weeks before WWE announced the news on its website.

Ryback himself had seen this move coming for a while as he had been promoting his own brand on social media in anticipation of it.

The heart of the matter

Ryback claimed that Vince was full of false promises. According to the Big Guy, Vince had told him that they were in the business together and they would both become rich, and the WWE would never give up on him.

Moreover, Ryback lamented the fact that he did not slap the WWE with a lawsuit over the injuries that he sustained. The former Intercontinental Champion said that he wanted to bring a particular negligent surgeon to court over a medical malpractice lawsuit.

However, WWE put the brakes on this, saying that they would discontinue his push if he decided to sue the company and the surgeon.

What’s next?

Ryback has been working on the independent circuit for quite some time now, after his departure from the WWE. He has worked matches in different parts of the world for several promotions and will continue to do so given that he is still a major attraction in the world of pro-wrestling.

Sportskeeda's Take

Ryback had a messy departure from the WWE and has been bad mouthing the company ever since. These comments have made it certain that he will not be returning to the organisation anytime soon.

Moreover, WWE is doing quite alright without him. It is a given that if used correctly, Ryback could have been the next big thing in the WWE but it looks like Braun Strowman has taken the ball now and is turning into the huge monster heel The Big Guy could have once been.  

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