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WWE News: Summer Rae talks about her absence from the WWE

Aaroh Palkar
18.10K   //    14 Nov 2016, 02:07 IST
Summer is currently out-of-action due to multiple injuries.

Summer Rae who's been out of action due to injuries to her neck, back and elbow, posted a picture on her official Instagram account with the caption explaining her situation. You can check out the picture below:


A photo posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

Below are a few excerpts from Rae's caption

"Well, it's almost mid-November now, so maybe it's time to answer the question I get flooded with every single day on social media. For the past 2 & a half months, I have been dealing with an injury. I've been very private & not shared my journey during this time. 

 Talking about it & putting a spotlight on it makes it more real & that wasn't something I was ready for or maybe why I haven't talked about it is because I assumed it would be an easy fix & wouldn't take that long to get back to normal."

Summer further adds that she's been lucky to have had a healthy career in both football and pro-wrestling for nine years, and thus, cannot deal with the emotional baggage that comes along with an injury. She further talks about her love for pro-wrestling and that what she puts her body through isn't a normal thing to do, but forgets all those things when she hears the roar of the crowd. 

Summer adds a few more things, like getting attention from some of the best doctors and the overwhelming support she's been getting from the fans through social media before concluding the message by saying:

“Sharing this with you guys has been weighing heavily on my heart lately & I felt like I needed to. Generally speaking, the unknown is scary. But thru the greatest times of uncertainty in my life have come immeasurable things”

The Total Divas star was evaluated by WWE doctors in August, thus lifting the lid on the above-mentioned injuries. It was said that Rae had been in pain for months but didn't stop competing until her MRI results showed how bad the injury actually was. 

Summer, who went out-of-action before the brand split, had her last televised match against Becky Lynch on RAW. Rae then wrestled a few more non-televised matches until mid-August according to the data from Although she went out-of-action before the brand split, Summer was drafted to Monday Night RAW. 


The video below contains footage from Summer’s last televised match against Becky Lynch:

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