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WWE News: WWE tease Shield reunion on Monday Night Raw

51.53K   //    01 Nov 2016, 09:27 IST
Is this the beginning of the reformation of the Shield?

Yes, the third member Dean Ambrose is on the blue side of things, but it was still a sight to behold when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins stared each other down in a manner that espoused mutual respect and a begrudging acceptance that they are on the same page, rather than malice.

Pitted against Chris Jericho in a US Championship match to main event Raw, Roman Reigns was successful in his defence by way of disqualification when Kevin Owens interefered to prevent his ‘best friend’ from eating the pin.

However the numbers game caught up to the Big Dog, as he was targetted by JeriKO after the match. 

With the audience chanting for Rollins to make the save, they weren’t disappointed as the Man rushed down the ring and took out Kevin Owens with not one, but two suicide dives, before taking out Chris Jericho with a flying knee to the head.

As the dust settled, Reigns and Rollins were left co-inhabiting the ring, standing on opposite ends, but seeing eye to eye for the first time ever since the Shield was broken up by the Architect.

There was no handshake between the two, but a silent acknowledgement of the other was enough to send the fans in attendance into raptures.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have been organically interwoven into the same storyline, after Rollins was screwed out of the WWE Universal Title at Hell in a Cell and Reigns stepped up to the plate after defending his US Championship successfully at the pay per view.

With JeriKO on the same page and having each other’s back, it makes sense for Rollins and Reigns to work together so as to neutralise the threat that they pose.

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