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WWE News: WWE teases interest in The Hardy Boyz on Twitter

Will Broken Hardys make a return to WWE before WrestleMania?

Could we see The Hardy Boyz back in WWE sooner rather than later?

What’s the Story?

WWE released a video of a Money in the Bank Qualification match for WrestleMania 23 between former WWE superstar Matt Hardy against Joey Mercury.

Many are speculating this as a tease for the return of The Hardy Boyz to the WWE, who left TNA following a dispute with TNA officials. Matt Hardy would further add fuel to the fire by tweeting a gif of someone entering Matt Hardy into a WWE Network search engine and his old gimmick showing up.

In case you didn’t know

Rumours of the Hardy Boyz and whether they would resign with TNA have been circulating for months and it initially seemed as though the brothers would be staying with the company. However, news broke this week of The Hardy Boyz not resigning with TNA Impact Wrestling following an alleged exchange between The Hardy’s lawyer and Ed Nordholm, Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Ever since then, both Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky have taken to twitter to express their feelings about TNA. Despite the reported bad blood, Matt still took to twitter to promote some of their last appearances on the show. 

The heart of the matter

Rumours have circulated of the WWE being interested in resigning the Hardyz and their latest release may provide the best opportunity for the WWE to scoop them up and add them to one of the rosters.

The last time the Hardy Boys competed together in a WWE ring was in 2009, when the tag team legends and John Morrison took on CM Punk and The Hart Dynasty on SmackDown. It goes without a doubt that the fans will be happy to see one of the most popular tag teams of all time return to Raw or SmackDown.

What’s next?

The Hardys have expressed interest in fighting other wrestlers and competing in other wrestling companies in the past so there’s nothing known for sure.

Also, the WWE often releases matches involving past WWE superstars, but the reasons seem to vary. Sometimes a video is promoted because of a pay-per-view’s relevance, an upcoming match, or just as a promotional tool.

If fans want to know what’s been going on with the Hardys and WWE, they’ll have to watch out for any of Broken Matt’s tweets about “MeekMahan.”

Sporstkeeda’s take

Had the WWE released this video back in July as a promotional video for the Money in the Bank match or qualifying matches on Raw, then this video would mean a lot less. However, the fact remains that days after the Hardy Boys leave TNA the WWE circulates an old video of Matt Hardy on SmackDown.

If fans are to assume that the video is about WWE letting fans know they are attempting to sign the Hardy Boys, then it’s interesting that they circulated a video from SmackDown as opposed to Monday Night Raw.

This could indicate where they would want Jeff and Matt to go and if that’s true, then the fans might finally get to see the feud between The Wyatts and the Broken Hardys.

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