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WWE News: WWE teasing Cesaro's move to Smackdown

Is Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan planting the seeds for a Cesaro brand switch?

Will The Swiss Superman excel on the blue brand?

Cesaro has been considered as one of the most underrated and underutilized talents in WWE since his debut. Over the last couple of years, Cesaro has shown that he has the in-ring ability to hang in the main event, but somehow WWE officials have felt he lacks personality or character. This is why he was not pushed to the top level despite the fans’ desire to see him hang with the main eventers and challenge for world titles.

When he returned from injury on the Raw after Wrestlemania 32, he came back with a secret agent/007 character which fans have constantly compared him to. During the brand split, people knew that there would be quite a few people who would benefit from the draft, such as AJ Styles, Becky Lynch,etc. Cesaro was considered to be among these names, as many hoped he would be drafted to Smackdown Live. 

Cesaro was instead drafted to Raw, and on the post-draft show, he seemed visibly frustrated about being drafted to the red brand and cut a worked shoot promo about hoping he was drafted to Smackdown Live. However, post-draft, he has still been a prominently featured star and has mostly been feuding with Sheamus. 

Yesterday, Daniel Bryan sent out a tweet to The Swiss Superman regarding his contract’s expiration:

 Cesaro responded saying the following:

There were rumors last month that Cesaro could be drafted to Smackdown Live. Perhaps this could be planting the seeds for an eventual brand switch. Jack Swagger had switched brands from Raw to Smackdown Live earlier this month and the fans would definitely love seeing The Swiss Superman follow suit.

There is no doubt that if he does go to Smackdown Live, he would get the opportunity he rightfully deserves, and would also be given the ball to run with. It is still surprising that he wasn’t drafted to Smackdown Live, but that’s just the way it is. 

Currently, Cesaro is part of a forceful pairing with Sheamus by Mick Foley’s word, and the two will get a future tag team title opportunity against The New Day. It is possible that the pair may have their championship match at Hell In A Cell.

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