WWE News: WWE Universal Championship belt design booed by Brooklyn audience and Seth Rollins' reaction to it

Finn Balor with the new WWE  Universal Championship title

When Finn Balor made his debut on July 25th , the same night Raw commissioner Stephanie Mcmahon revealed the plans to introduce the new WWE title . According to Raw management, the newly sanctioned championship will eventually outstrip SmackDown Live’s WWE Championship in importance.Therefore, after months of anticipation and discussion about the new WWE title, Stephanie Mcmahon and Mic Foley unveiled the brand new Universal Championship, just before Seth Rollins and Finn Balor went head to head to crown the inaugural championship. 

There was serious attention from Stephanie and Foley in regards to the match, however, the sold-out Brooklyn crowd at the Barclays Center did not take well to the new “All Red  title belt, hijacking the match between Balor and Rollins to voice their disapproval. The fans echoed around the arena with loud chants of “No, that title sucks”  that almost  sounded like the popular John Cena tune.

Stephanie and Foley enjoyed the whole contest between Rollins and Balor , however, the crowd very much treated it like a mid-card match and got distracted by the new title, every time it appeared on the screen. There are some strong reasons for the disapproval of the new belt  by the Brooklyn fans, as the title looked  like a xerox of the World belt, which is currently owned by Dean Ambrose of Smack brand.

Despite the boos surrounding the arena, Balor pinned Rollins just shy of the 20-minute mark to become just the second former NXT Champion to win a world title in WWE.

Shortly after the four plus hour show got over, Rollins criticised the Brooklyn fans for mocking the new Universal Championship belt. He reacted on Twitter by saying that  he was completely let down by the Brooklyn crowd.

Seth Rollins tweeted the following after losing to new WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor  at SummerSlam.

 It will be interesting to see where the WWE goes with Finn Balor now. It's very difficult for the Irishman to come  out as the “Demon King” every match. 

Also, rumours circulating within the WWE  that the new WWE champion suffered an injury during a Summerslam win over Seth Rollins. Balor is reportedly being examined today and WWE officials will make a decision on what to do next.

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