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WWE News: Young Bucks hit with another cease and desist order from WWE

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Now they're not allowed to be "Too Sweet"

What's the story?

The Young Bucks have been traveling around the world for quite a while now having as much fun as possible. They've made a habit of borrowing from popular wrestling and it seems to have caught up with them. Now on the same week they invaded Raw with The Bullet Club, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports The Young Bucks are officially being served with another cease and desist orders from WWE.

In case you didn't know...

WWE likes to own things and The Young Bucks love pushing the line. Nick and Matt Jackson have made a tradition of doing a few moves during their matches that could be compared to things WWE might lay a claim to.

These practices have not been received well by WWE. The Young Bucks were previously slapped with a cease and desist to stop them from using "suck it" and now it looks like that list is growing.

The heart of the matter

Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed WWE has reached out to Nick and Matt Jackson to tell them they own the copyright for the "Too Sweet" saying and hand gesture. The Young Bucks were previously using the hand gesture on merchandise as well as while working for other pro wrestling companies. WWE wants them to stop this practice immediately.

It was said Vince McMahon wasn't happy at all about The Bullet Club invading Raw and while it isn't confirmed there is a direct correlation between events, it's a rather interesting coincidence.

WWE is demanding The Young Bucks cease their usage of their intellectual property or they could be hit with a $150,000 suit for damages among other things.

There is also a portion of the cease and desist that wants The Young Bucks to put into writing saying they will never use WWE's intellectual property again. The Young Bucks have reportedly consulted an attorney but no word is available as to what course of action they might pursue.

So if you were wondering if The Young Bucks were considering a jump to WWE anytime soon, it doesn't look likely.


What's next?

Hopefully, The Young Bucks and WWE can get along. Nick and Matt Jackson do love poking the bear that is Vince McMahon and Company though. Let's just hope they're able to play it a little safer from now on.

Author's take

Its hard to really come down on WWE for this one even though I'm actually wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt as I type this. "Too Sweet" is WWE's intellectual property much in the same way Anthem Sports won't allow the Hardys to use their Broken Gimmick.

But it doesn't make it any fairer that this is happening. If WWE isn't careful this kind of action is going to alienate a fanbase even more that they would love to get back.

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