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WWE News: Young wrestling fan's dream comes true after getting his figurines stolen

Gokul Nair
1.04K   //    14 Oct 2016, 11:30 IST
Undoubtedly, John Cena is his favourite.

Jesse Fullerton, an 11-year-old with Down’s Syndrome residing in Queensland, Australia discovered that his beloved action figurines were stolen. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the police officers behind the case contacted the toy manufacturers Mattel and the Australian arm of WWE to help with the case.

After negotiations, Mattel and the WWE supplied Jesse brand new figurines and also some tickets to an NXT event on the Gold Coast. According to Sergeant Micheal McGarry, this was his way to show Jesse that there are more good people out there than there are bad out in the world.

The moment Jesse’s dream came true!

 Amanda Fullerton, Jesse’s mother, stated that it was difficult for him to understand that his figurines were gone and he kept going out to the backyard to see when the bad people were going to bring his toys back. She also stated that “It was very hard for him to comprehend that they were gone and that they weren't coming back”.

Before the theft of his collection, Jesse had more than 80 wrestling figurines, including a 1-meter tall figurine of John Cena which was his favourite. According to Mrs Fullerson, Jesse used to physically wrestle with that figurine.

Along with WWE, the community members have also rallied around Jesse, donating unused wrestling toys to him in the wake of the theft. Mrs Fullerson said that the most exciting part Jesse finds is the opening of the toys but he doesn’t understand where they’re all coming from.

But after the outpour of kindness he received has made him understand a bit more.

Jesse thanking Sergeant McGarry for making his dream coming true.

Sergeant McGarry also stated that although the police are used to encounter several cases of murder and theft, cases like these are the heartbreaking ones. He believes that these kinds of cases put a bit of a ripple through the police and they become more motivated to help restore “faith in humanity”.

He is also happy regarding the fact that he was able to right it a little bit for him, but it still doesn’t take away the feeling of someone breaking into his yard and stealing his toys.

Initially, Mrs Fullerton was overwhelmed with the efforts of all these people to replace his toys as she believes that it would have taken forever to replace the toys on their own. She also admits that it was difficult to accept the donations but she doesn’t mind after realising it helps Jesse to understand about the world around him.

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