WWE News: Zack Ryder sports new look and new finisher

Beards are in, bro!

Almost every WWE fans was shocked when Zack Ryder got a spot in the Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. A former United States Champion and Tag team Champion, Ryder is now performing in NXT, where he has teamed with Mojo Rawley to form a team known as the “Hype Bros”.

Zack Ryder was at the pinnacle of his career in the WWE in 2011. He defeated Dolph Ziggler at TLC that year to capture his first singles title in WWE, the United States Championship.

After losing the title the very next month, the self-proclaimed “Internet Champion” slipped down to somewhere in the lower tier. Despite this, his popularity amongst fans never diminished.

Last year, he answered Cena’s United States Championship Open challenge. Ryder lost the match after an awesome encounter. This opportunity at the Intercontinental title may revive his career in WWE.

It seems that Zack Ryder has adopted a new finishing move (Rough Ryder is his current finishing maneuver). He is using a flying elbow drop to collect his last couple of wins. The announce team of WWE Superstars has referred to the move as the "El-Bro drop". Here’s a video:


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