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WWE No Mercy Results September 24th 2017, Full Show Match Updates and Video Highlights

Pratyay Ghosh
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Kickoff Show

Elias vs Apollo Crews (w/ Titus O’ Neill)

Elias was out strumming his guitar. Elias got a mixed reaction veering more towards boos. It’s funny how much more over Elias is on the main-roster than he was on NXT. Apollo’s music interrupted Elias’ song as he came out with Titus O’ Neill.

The match was even as it started before Apollo took control as he athletically avoided Elias’ offense and hit a dropkick. Elias hit back by taking Apollo’s legs out from under him as he was on the turnbuckle, sending Apollo crashing out to ringside.

When we came back from commercial, Elias was in control, taking Crews down with a shoulder before locking in a head lock. Elias followed it up with a mule kick before locking in a Camel Clutch. Apollo hit ack with a boot to the head before hitting the standing moonsault. He took further control with an enzeguiri that sent Elias rolling out of the ring.

After Elias got back into the ring, Apollo charged at him and Elias hit the Drift Away out of nowhere for the 3-count.

Elias def. Apollo Crews (via pinfall)

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