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WWE NXT 13th May 2015- 5 Points to note

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NXT aired its weekly episode from the Full Sails Arena and it had all the star power that makes it unique and entertaining. Storylines were continued and built up for the next Takeover. Some characters showed some fierce development and as far as Takeover is concerned, it has been built up as yet another NXT classic marquee show.  While Zayn and Owens try to outpower each other, Balor and Breeze are going up against each other to determine the No. 1 Contender for the Championship that Owens so proudly carries around.

Here are the 5 points to note from this weeks show-

1. Not coming back

NXT_277_Photo_19-3909037879.jpg (642×361)
kevin Owens

What’s special about NXT is the fact that a 5-minute promo is enough to set up some masterful storytelling. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens met again. Zayn asked Owens, again, why he did what he did. The Canadian also brought forth a line about Owens’ son wearing a Zayn T- Shirt instead of the simple yet significant ‘KO’ T- Shirt. The NXT Champion nonchalantly walked off and with his back pointed at Zayn started speaking in his casual yet stern manner. He knows thatZayn is hurt and Owens is the reason behind that hurt, but it won’t stop him from doing that to Zayn again. And then the Champion glanced perilously on one side and insisted that this time Zayn won’t be coming back ever. 

2. The Boss Card

NXT_277_Photo_05-4166144605.jpg (642×361)
Sasha Banks gloating with her NXT title

What makes Sasha Banks stand beyond and above her contemporaries is her in- ring work. Nobody really compares to her inside the squared circle. This week, as a part of her build-up towards ‘Takeover: Unstoppable’, Banks faced a new opponent, who nobody really introduced so the fans called her ‘Black Shorts’, and despite not being a great showcase for Banks, all the ardent wrestling fans know why despite being a heel that exudes arrogance Banks is still spectacular and why the crowd is in awe of her. Her wrestling is top- notch and Takeover looks like another showcase in waiting for the Boss. 

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