NXT 2.0 Results: Ciampa references WCW Legend's iconic promo; Superstar gets his hair and beard chopped off

It was an enjoyable show on NXT 2.0
It was an enjoyable show on NXT 2.0

NXT 2.0 was off to a very quick start as the show kicked off with the match between Dexter Lumis and Tony D’Angelo.

Dexter Lumis vs. Tony D’Angelo on NXT 2.0

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Tony fled the ring as the match started and Lumis chased him before D'Angelo headed back to the ring and got the early advantage over Dexter.

Lumis hit him in the face and took him down with a press before Tony locked in a triangle lock.

Dexter took Tony to the corner before D'Angelo hit a lawbreaker on the ropes after trying to run out of the ring again. Tony managed to rake Lumis in the eyes off of a distraction and hit the Fisherman's Neckbreaker for the win.

Result: Tony D’Angelo def. Dexter Lumis

Melo and Trick attacked Lumis after the match when D'Angelo walked out. They trapped Lumis' hand in a steel chair and stomped on it before Gargano walked out to make the save.

Grade: C

After the break, Gargano called out Carmelo and Trick but Pete Dunne came out, followed by Melo and Trick.

The NXT North American Champion and his partner took shots at Gargano and Dunne and they fired back before a Triple Threat Title match was made official for next week against Gargano and Dunne.

Diamond Mine vs. Jacket Time & Odyssey Jones on NXT 2.0

Jiro and Strong kicked off the match and Roderick had the upper hand before Jones was tagged in. The big man was dominating the match and had the Creeds under control but Roderick and Kushida came in and the Japanese star was taken out before we headed for a break.

Back on NXT 2.0, Jacket Time was holding their own in the ring before Odyssey was tagged in and he took out Strong and sent one Creed into the other. Jacket Time distracted the Creeds before Jones hit a top rope crossbody on Roderick to pick up the win on NXT 2.0.

Result: Jacket Time & Odyssey Jone def. Diamond Mine

Grade: B-

MSK were on a flight as NXT 2.0 went on and landed at an airport. The duo were still looking for the tag team shaman as they went on their way.

Andrew Chase vs. Xyon Quinn on NXT 2.0

Quinn was taken down early by Prof. Chase but he blocked a kick and hit a massive side slam before punishing Andre with big boots. Chase dodged a spear in the corner and hit a neckbreaker for a near fall.

Chase stomped on Quinn while he was downed before Xyon hit a Samoan drop before setting up for a huge vertical suplex. Quinn picked up the win but Legado del Fantasma rushed the ring and attacked him after the bell.

Result: Xyon Quinn def. Andre Chase

Xyon was down and the LDF kicked him over and over before Elektra walked up and told him that no one says no to her before they wiped him out at ringside.

Elektra Lopez had the last laugh on Xyon Quinn
Elektra Lopez had the last laugh on Xyon Quinn

Grade: B-

Grizzled Young Veterans were in a video call with Zack Gibson’s grandma on NXT 2.0 and pretended to be the new NXT Tag Team Champions with title belts they stole from Toxic Attraction.

Backstage on NXT 2.0, Raquel Gonzalez was not happy about losing her title and said that she will bury Dakota Kai tonight as revenge.

Duke Hudson and Cameron Grimes's Poker Showdown on NXT 2.0

Duke Hudson and Cameron Grimes were set for their Poker Showdown and Duke said that luck was for losers like Grimes. Cameron fired back and said that Duke was sweating after the last time they played.

The game was started and Grimes had no idea how bad his cards were with a King and 3 and Duke had a pair of 5's. Cameron and Duke tried out-betting each other but neither one backed out before all five cards were revealed.

Duke was not happy with the river and Grimes and the crowd taunted him into making him fold. Grimes revealed his cards and Duke saw he had nothing before Grimes sang 'you got played' over and over.

Hudson attacked Grimes and beat him down next to the poker table and powerbombed him through it before getting some scissors from under the ring and cutting Cameron's hair and beard off on NXT 2.0.

Briggs & Jensen vs. Von Wagner & Kyle O'Reilly on NXT 2.0

Kyle and Jensen kicked off the match on NXT 2.0 and Jensen got an early near fall on O'Reilly. Jensen locked in a bear hug and O'Reilly was in trouble but managed to get out of it.

Von was tagged in and Wagner hit a flatliner on Jensen before Briggs came in to make the save. Kyle hit a huge flying knee on Briggs before Von Wagner picked up the win for his team with a Butterfly Neckbreaker on Jensen.

Result: Von Wagner & Kyle O'Reilly def. Briggs & Jensen

Grade: B

Dexter Lumis was still recovering after the attack and Indi Hartwell sent Persia Pirotta to compete alone.

Lash Legend was back with her show and Grayson Waller was the guest. Waller stressed the fact the social media game was more important than one's ability in the ring in WWE. Legend added nothing of value as Waller trashed on veterans like LA Knight before moving on.

Persia Pirotta vs. Developmental Talent on NXT 2.0

Pirotta unloaded on her opponents and sent one of them face first into the ringpost. A couple of kicks later, she lifted both opponents and hit a double Samoan Drop in the ring.

Robert Stone was watching the match at ringside and cheered Pirotta on as the match went on. Pirotta picked up the pin off a F5 before NXT 2.0 moved on.

Result: Persia Pirotta def. Developmental Talent

Grade: C

Backstage on NXT 2.0, the GYV handled the tag team titles back to Toxic Attraction after the trio had a run-in with Dakota Kai.

Tommaso Ciampa references Scott Steiner on NXT 2.0

Ciampa was out next and trashed on guys like Hayes, Waller, and Tony D'Angelo before Bron Breakker came out to call the NXT Champ out. Breakker said that Ciampa was ignoring real talent before the champ ran back the footage from Halloween Havoc where he beat Breakker.

Ciampa went on to reference Scott Steiner's iconic Steiner Maths promo to take a shot at Breakker and called him a puppy before walking out of the ring.

Raquel Gonzalez vs. Dakota Kai on NXT 2.0

Gonzalez unloaded on Kai as the match started and tossed her around like a ragdoll before Dakota fled the ring. Raquel dropped Kai on the floor outside before smashing her head into the apron and dropping her onto it.

Kai somehow smiled through the beating while Gonzalez was enraged as she punished her former friend in the ring. Kai managed to get a big kick in and sent Gonzalez outside before we headed for a break.

Back on NXT 2.0, Dakota was in control and got a near fall before countering the Chingona Bomb. A turnbuckle was exposed by Kai earlier and Gonzalez took it to the jaw before Kai got her shovel.

Gonzalez dodged the shot and snatched it, trying to hit Kai with it. But Toxic Attraction came in and attacked Raquel. The former NXT Women's Champ was overpowered by Toxic Attraction and Cora Jade came out to help her with her skateboard.

Result: DNF

Cora was overpowered as well before Zoey Stark and Io Shirai came out and Shirai wiped Toxic Attraction out with a crutch. Gonzalez packed up Dolin and sent her over the ropes onto Kai as the babyfaces cleared the ring. Shirai yelled 'WarGames' in ther ring as the show went off the air.

Grade: A

Episode grade: B

We got a chaotic end to the show while Lumis took a beating from the North American Champ and his buddy on NXT 2.0. Ciampa challenged Waller to a match next week while Carmelo will put his title on the line against Dunne and Gargano next week on NXT 2.0

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Edited by Alan John
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