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WWE NXT 27th May 2015- 5 points to note

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Balor- The new No. 1 Contender for the NXT Championship

This weeks episode of NXT was more or less a night of squash matches. Balor and Kevin Owens were booked to face performers who were nowhere near their standing in NXT. This show wasn’t really of the standard that NXT has maintained for quite a long time. It was, in all essentiality, a pretty average show. The champion reigned supreme heading into his first WWE PPV match and because of how eventful the past week has been for him, he may be the most wanted man in the WWE.

Here are the 5 points to note from this weeks show-


1.Owens Gets ready for Elimination Chamber

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Off to the Chamber

Nobody has been booked as well as Kevin Owens in the past one week. He’s gone on to give Cena two pop up powerbombs in as many weeks. He almost ended Sami Zayn, again. He had a face off against a debuting Samoa Joe and now he’s heading into his first WWE PPV looking as strong as ever.

He started the night with a promo going through his trail of destruction and he expounded upon why he walked away from a fight against Samoa Joe. He nonchalantly said that he let the audience live that moment. He’d rather let people earn a shot at his title than just give it away like Cena’s Open Challenge. 

Owens heads to Elimination Chamber looking as strong as usual.

2.Emma’s heel turn is complete

NXT_280_Photo_06-276819032.jpg (642×361)
The makeover is complete

For weeks, Emma has showcased a darker side to her bubbly, chirpy character. Every moment during her entrance gradually turned into an act of mocking her own moves. The chirpiness was fading away. Even her hair color was given a darker shade. Emma walked into NXT this week with a new tune in place for her entrance and completely dominated Bayley, who happens to be one of the most performers in the program.


She defeated the hugger and led a beatdown with Dana Brooke. Charlotte came to save the day but succumbed eventually. Now, it’s upto the higher ups how they use this character change to Emma’s benefit. Emma, for her part, is doing really well.

3.Balor gets ready

NXT_280_Photo_15-2423098531.jpg (642×361)
Finn Balor Vs Tye Dillinger

Finn Balor made quick work out of Tye Dillinger. Dillinger, for his part, showcased that he’s got some technical prowess. But this was the occasion for Balor to annonce his advent as the No. 1 Contendor for Owens’ title. This is his second title opportunity. His first shot didn’t see him get the demon out.

Whenever he’s been the demon, he’s had a win. The writers are doing a good job in not having as much attention on him as Owens’ other opponents namely Cena, Joe and Zayn. This is a good thing because when the time comes for Balor to cash in his opportunity, it may be time to pass on the title.

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