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WWE NXT Results 19th October 2016, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

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Nikki Cross is so unhinged that she smashed Eric Young in the face when he puller her off her beaten down opponent

Another week, another great episode of NXT. This week’s episode sees a host of first round matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic, including Austin Aries who revealed his mystery partner. We also have Shinsuke Nakamura addressing the NXT Universe for the first time since he got viciously attacked by Samoa Joe.

No Way Jose and Rich Swann vs Tony Nese and Drew Gulak

No Way Jose and Rich Swann put on an impressive performance

NXT kicked off with a first round match-up from the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic featuring 3 members of Raw’s cruiserweight division and the massively over No Way Jose. Jose and Swann brought their dance moves and inalienable energy to start the show while Nese and Gulak promised to win, saying that they didn’t need second rate dance moves to get over.

Swann and Gulak locked up to begin the match with Gulak to chants of “Can you handle this?”. The match picked up in seconds with Swann using his agility to get the advantage of his bigger and more technically sound opponent as he somersaulted off the ropes and delivered a dropkick before tagging in No Way Jose who danced in the middle of the ring as Gulak tagged in Tony Nese.

Nese looked in no mood to dance as Jose delivered a stalled snapmare followed by a flapjack before Nese delivered a boot to the face followed by a series of stiff kicks, getting Jose off his feet. Nese then went for a vertical suplex which Jose countered and followed with a vertical suplex of his own. He followed it up with a tag to Swann and the duo his Nese with a sweet double-team assisted splash.

Nese, using his experience, guillotined Swann to try and take the advantage as Swann stumbled outside the ring. The ‘premier athlete’ then went for a baseball slide but received a forearm to the face for his trouble and Swann followed it up with a fist to Gulak for good measure. Nese used this momentary distraction to deliver a jaw shattering Superkick to take the advantage. He rolled Swann back inside and tagged in Gulak who assumed control with a headlock.

Swann hit back with punches to the gut as he bounced off the ropes and the duo flattened each other with stereo clotheslines. Swann crawled and managed the tag first and Jose burst in and cleaned house, taking Gulak out first before bouncing off the corner and turning Nese inside out with a devastating clothesline. Nese kicked out at 2 and hit Jose with a jawbreaker before Gulak entered and looked to take advantage before being taken out by a pop-up punch which was broken up by Nese at 2.

This led to Swann re-entering the fray and sending Nese back out and hitting him with a twisting somersault plancha as No Way Jose hit Drew Gulak with a Full Nelson Bomb for the win. No Way Jose and Rich Swann advance to the next round where they’ll face the Authors of Pain

No Way Jose and Rich Swann def. Tony Nese and Drew Gulak

No Way Jose and Rich Swann cut dueling promos after the match warning the Authors of Pain that there was no way they could handle them next week.

We were shown a highlights package of Sanity’s debut last week when Bobby Roode abandoned his partner Tye Dillinger. This was followed by an interview with Dillinger who admits he took one hell of a beating. He promised to take care of Sanity later stating that his immediate focus was on Bobby Roode.  He announces that he’s had a word with William Regal who’s given him a match against Roode at NXT TakeOver: Toronto at Survivor Series weekend.

We get an interview with Austin Aries next who’s eating a banana. He says that the Dusty Rhodes isn’t for everyone, like Hideo Itami who had to back out following a neck injury. Aries said that doctors found out that Itami had no spine during the MRI which is why he wasn’t going to show up. Aries promised a mystery partner who’d help him win the whole thing.

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