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WWE NXT Results 4th January 2017, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

A great performance from NXT's Aussie contingent followed by a scintillating steel cage main-event between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

A great night of wrestling capped of by an epic main event

We got another live show from this week, airing footage from the live event in Melbourne, Australia last December. The show had two title matches on it with #DIY defending the NXT Tag titles against the Australian duo of Shane Thorne and Nick Miller and Shinsuke Nakamura defending the NXT Championship against Samoa Joe.

The Revival vs Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss

Sabatelli and Moss impressed but it wasn’t enough to beat the “top guys”

The match started off with Scott Dawson and Riddick Moss. Dawson tried to catch him in an early headlock but Moss broke out of it and followed it up with a roll-up for a quick 2-count. Dawson kicks out as both men make tags.

Sabatelli comes in and catches a boot to the face from Dash Wilder. Wilder follows up the boot by mocking Sabatelli’s taunt.

Moss and Sabatelli hit back with a couple of double team moves as they looked to take control. Moss followed it up with a clothesline and Fallaway Slams on both members of The Revival. Sabatelli then got in on the action as Moss and Sabatelli knocked both members of the Revival out of the ring.

Wilder then distracts the referee as Dawson rakes Moss’ eyes to regain control as the “top guys” isolate Moss, keeping Sabatelli out of the frame. Moss finally manages to reach his corner and tag in Sabatelli who comes in and he picks up Dawson in a Gorilla Press and throws him at Wilder.

He then hits a slick Powerslam on Dawson for the nearfall. Moss then tries to roll up Wilder but Wilder kicks him off and onto the ropes. Dawson grabs onto Moss as Wilder looks to throw a forearm. He catches his partner by mistake and Riddick Moss rolls up Wilder for the nearfall.

Wilder then makes the tag to Dawson in the middle of an atomic drop. He then slides through the legs of Moss as The Revival catch him in a Shatter Machine. Dawson covers Moss for the pinfall.

The Revival def. Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss

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