WWE NXT Results: Big update from injured superstar; Title challengers for New Day confirmed - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (January 31, 2023)

We got another action-packed episode of NXT before Vengeance Day!
We got another action-packed episode of NXT before Vengeance Day!

The NXT before Vengeance Day kicked off with The Creed Brothers finally taking on Indus Sher in the opening match.

We're starting off the final #WWENXT before #VengeanceDay with some BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPIN' MEET!(cc: @WWEBigE)

WWE NXT Results (January 31, 2023): The Creed Brothers vs. Indus Sher

.@JuliusCreedWWE has some INSANE strength 😱😱😱#WWENXT

Veer and Julius were in the ring early on, and Sanga and Brutus were tagged in before Indus Sher isolated Julius in the ring. Sanga got the Snake Eyes before getting a flatliner for a near fall.

Brutus tagged in and got some suplexes before Julius tried to powerbomb Sanga but failed. Jinder Mahal interfered, and Ivy Nile went up to confront him. Julius accidentally ran into Nile before the distraction let Indus Sher hit a clothesline and a chokeslam for the win.

Result: Indus Sher def. The Creed Brothers

Grade: B

Backstage on NXT, Tyler Bate and Axiom were talking and decided to have a match tonight.

Indi Hartwell was set to have a match with Zoey Stark, and the latter walked in and made fun of Hartwell for being eliminated in the Royal Rumble.

Indi Hartwell vs. Zoey Stark on NXT

Stark was in control early on and took Indi down before locking in an armbar. Indi came back with some strikes and a spinebuster before taking a big suplex. After some back and forth, Stark tripped Indi up on the ropes and hit her GTS variant for the win.

Result: Zoey Stark def. Indi Hartwell

.@ZoeyStarkWWE wanted more than just the win but not on @SolRucaWWE's watch!@indi_hartwell #WWENXT

Stark attacked Hartwell after the match and beat her down before Sol Ruca came out to make the save.

Grade: C

Wes Lee was out next and hyped up his match against Dijak set to take place on Vengeance Day. Dijak came out and told him to savor his last few days as the North American champ since he was going to dethrone him on Saturday.

Von Wagner came out next with Robert Stone, and Stone said that Dijak was neither the biggest nor the baddest, unlike Wagner. Lee proposed a match between Wagner and Dijak, and the two headed for a brawl before we headed for the match.

Dijak vs. Von Wagner on NXT

Wagner got a big fallaway slam right away before Dijak came back with a lariat. Wagner took a suplex into the corner before getting a big boot for a near fall. Dijak got a chokeslam before Von got a butterfly bodyslam from the ropes.

Diak managed to kick out of it and dodged an Olympic Slam as well before hitting the Feast Your Eyes for the win.

Result: Dijak def. Von Wagner

.@WWEVonWagner almost pulled off a HUGE upset over Dijak!#WWENXT

Grade: B-

We got an update on Nikkita Lyons, who was injured after an attack in the parking lot. Her surgery was successful, according to the commentary team, and we should get her return soon.

Get well soon @nikkita_wwe 🦁

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks were backstage, and the latter said that he was going to take care of Dijak next week. Tony said they were going to take care of some other thing as well before they walked off.

We got a short video hyping up Grayson Waller vs. Bron Breakker in the steel cage match set to take place on Saturday at Vengeance Day.

WALLER. BREAKKER. STEEL CAGE MATCH. This is going to be one for the ages at NXT #VengeanceDay!@GraysonWWE @bronbreakkerwwe #WWENXT

Tyler Bate vs. Axiom on NXT


Tyler was in control early on and took Axiom down before locking in an arm-wrench submission hold. The hold was broken, but Tyler got a big clothesline causing them to go over the ropes and fall outside the ring.

Bate hit Axiom with the Airplane Spin before hitting a Falcon Arrow variant for the two-count. Tyler tried for a dive but was caught in a chokehold. Axiom came back with a superkick and a hurricanrana before Bate got the Tyler Driver '97 for the win.

Result: Tyler Bate def. Axiom

Way to ruin the moment @damonkempwwe 😑#WWENXT

Damon Kemp showed up after the match and took down Axiom with a uranage backbreaker.

Grade: B

Isla Dawn was teaching Alba Fyre how to be evil like her and held a 'cleansing ceremony.'

Roxanne Perez was backstage in an interview with Toxic Attraction, and she said that the duo were right about each other and were probably going to end up hating each other.

Toxic Attraction kept interrupting the champ, and they mocked her, saying that she peaked at 21 and that she would be easily outnumbered and lose her title on Saturday.

Toxic Attraction kept talking trash till Roxanne walked out of the interview. She showed up on the Toxic Attraction's side of the studio before attacking the duo.

Stevie Turner vs. Dani Palmer on NXT

Stevie Turner made her debut tonight on NXT. She caught Palmer on the ropes early on and drove her boots to the side of her head before getting some big strikes in the middle of the ring.

Palmer was caught in a headlock before breaking out and hitting some clotheslines and a jawbreaker. Stevie came back with a big boot and a DDT before hitting her special variation of the uranage for the win.

Result: Stevie Turner def. Dani Palmer

.@StevieTurnerWWE is here and she is not messing around.#WWENXT

Grade: C

Charlie Dempsey vs. Drew Gulak on NXT

Both men tried for submission holds early on, and Dempsey got a Butterfly lock in, but Gulak reversed it into an armbar. Dempsey got a suplex before Gulak slapped him in the face.

Dempsey locked in a Chicken Wing submission before Gulak broke free and sent Charlie head-first into Hank Walker, who was at ringside. The distraction allowed Gulak to roll Dempsey up and pick up the win.

Result: Drew Gulak def. Charlie Dempsey

Charlie Dempsey is making @DrewGulak earn it tonight!#WWENXT

Grade: C+

Backstage on NXT, Robert Stone was tired of trying to represent Von Wagner without knowing who he really was. Stone did the whole 'help me help you' bit from Jerry McGuire before we headed for a break.

Duke Hudson & Andre Chase vs. The Dyad vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade on NXT

Hudson and Chase were dominating early on, and Fowler tagged Enofe in, who got a big dropkick on Andre. Enofe and Blade isolated Chase, but Reid came in and sent Chase outside before Fowler took him out with a big slam.

Dyad beat Andre up and hit their combined finisher, but Chase kicked out. Hudson tagged in and cleared the ring before Enofe came in and hit Reid with a combined move, but the pin was broken up.

Chase came back and got the Chase U kicks on Reid before Ava Raine came up on the apron. Thea Hail took her out before she could interfere, and Reid was distracted before Hudson came in and hit the Flatliner for the win.

Result: Duke Hudson & Andre Chase def. The Dyad, Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Grade: B+

Episode rating: B

We got a great episode of NXT before Vengeance Day with a big main event and some exciting promos.

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