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WWE NXT Results (February 5th, 2019): A shocking return terrorizes Undisputed Era, Charlotte Flair confronts Rhea Ripley

Greg Bush
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Bianca Belair is tired of being disrespected
Bianca Belair is tired of being disrespected

Last week, the King of Bros and the Bruiserweight captured the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy, knocking the Grizzled Young Vets off in the finals. With NXT TakeOver: Portland coming up, the motley crew seemed destined for gold.

The Broserweights kick NXT off, riding to the ring in a golf cart, Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy and pyro in tow. Matt Riddle is ecstatic and Pete Dunne is...well...ya know, he's Pete Dunne.

Riddle says that he and Dunne have been celebrating ever since their victory over the Grizzled Young Vets last week, and dubs the golf cart the "Broserweight Mobile." Dunne reminded Riddle that the last thing he ever thought he'd do was be a successful tag team with the King of Bros. Still, it worked out too well, and they dominated the tournament.

Before they could continue, the Undisputed Era's Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish stormed out. The NXT Tag Team Champions were about to storm the ring, but Roderick Strong managed to hold them back. Riddle angered Fish, asking "How many Fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?" After that, Riddle made it a song, because of course, he did. He's Matt Riddle.

Pete Dunne, dumbfounded, said that at TakeOver: Portland, the Broserweights are going to smoke the Undisputed Era.

Angel Garza vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

Garza and Scott attempted to hit heavy strikes early on, with both men dodging their opponents. However, a well-placed kick from Garza caught Scott mid-flip, giving him the upper and early on.


That was until Scott prevented Garza from using the ropes, sending him across the ring with a pop-up hurricanrana. Scott went for his handstand roll off the apron, a superkick to the back of the head dropped him to the floor. Garza followed up by driving him into the steel steps.

Back on the inside, Garza continued to punish Scott. Kicks to the chest, leg drops to the mid-section, and chest chops hammered Swerve. After a counter to a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, Garza planted Scott with a facebuster and shocked him with a superkick.

Scott finally managed to turn the tide after reversing the reverse DDT. A rolling flatliner gave him the time he needed to recover. Garza was pelted with a variety of kicks but woke up just in time to hit Scott with a superkick coming off the ropes.

Garza was caught with a surprise Michinoku Driver but managed to kick out at two. Scott set up for a dive, but Garza tossed his pants at him, distracting him. still, Scott hit the House Call, but it wasn't enough to put Garza away.

Garza hung Scott up on the ropes and bounced Scott with the Wing Clipper.

Results: Angel Garza defeated Isaiah "Swerve" Scott via pinfall.

After the bout, Garza took to the mic to brag about knocking off, not just Swerve, but Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio. Now, since he wasn't pinned at Worlds Collide, he wants a shot at HIS NXT Cruiserweight Championship. He'll be keeping his eyes on Jordan Devlin.

Backstage, The Undisputed Era were seen bullying various backstage personnel as they hunted for Tommaso Ciampa.

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Published 06 Feb 2020, 09:05 IST
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