WWE NXT Results: Main roster stars invade; Carmelo attacked by former US Champ - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (May 30, 2023)

We got an action-packed episode of NXT after Battleground!
We got an action-packed episode of NXT after Battleground!

The NXT after Battleground kicked off with the Weaponized Steel Cage match between Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

WWE NXT Results (May 30, 2023): Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne - Weaponized Steel Cage match

Jacy attacked Dolin before the match and drove her on into the side of the steel cage before the fight headed inside. The bell was rung, and Jayne beat Dolin with a leather belt before Gigi came back with some hits from a trashcan lid.

Dolin put Jacy on the ropes and placed a trashcan on top before hitting a big dropkick. Gigi got a baseball bat with thorny rose vines around it and beat Jacy with it before Jayne chokeslammed her on a trash can.

During the break, Jacy got a steel chain and locked in a crossface with it, but Dolin broke out and tossed her into the steel cage wall. Gigi piled some chairs in the ring, but Jacy reversed the subsequent move and hit a neckbreaker on the chairs.

The two climbed up the ropes before Gigi chokeslammed Jacy through a table below before getting the win.

Result: Gigi Dolin def. Jacy Jayne

Grade: A

Wes Lee was in a backstage interview when the Dyad came in to send a message from Joe Gacy. Tyler Bate came in to defend Wes and scared the Dyad off before NXT continued.

Gallus were making fun of Tony D'Angelo when Stacks came in and attacked them. The trio overpowered Stacks and beat him down.

Carmelo Hayes was out next with Trick Williams to celebrate his win at Battleground when Noam Dar and his new friends interrupted them. Noam tried to convince Hayes to give him a title shot.

Trick pointed out that Dar wanted to take advantage of the injured champ, and Noam agreed before taunting Melo into giving him a title shot tonight.

Reggie/SCRYPTS was backstage and said that when Axiom took his mask off, it opened his eyes. He thanked Axiom and walked off before we headed for the next match.

The Dyad vs. Wes Lee & Tyler Bate on NXT

Bate started off strong and got some big moves on Reid and then Fowler before tagging Lee in. Wes hit some big crossbodies before Bate joined in, and they cleared the ring.

Mustafa Ali showed up and joined the commentary team as the match went on. Lee got some double kicks on the Dyad before he and Bate got stereo dives on them. Lee took out Fowler with a dive to the outside before Tyler hit the Tyler Driver '97 on Reid for the win.

Result: Wes Lee & Tyler Bate def. The Dyad

Ivy Nile attacked Ava Raine at ringside after the match before the Creeds came out to stop the fight. Joe Gacy tried to attack Lee in the ring, but Ali stepped in and took him out.

Grade: B

Tiffany Stratton was out next to celebrate her title win and called the rest of the women's locker room out to celebrate with her, but no one came out. She then said that she will announce her first title contender, and the superstars slowly walked out.

Stratton said that she wanted to give everyone a shot and decided on a Battle Royal next week to pick the next challenger. Thea Hail and the rest of the women attacked Tiffany and sent her out of the ring.

Dani Palmer was out next and said that she wanted to know who was the attacker that took out Sol Ruca, Wendy Choo, and Nikkita Lyons, among others.

We got a short recap of the attacks on the Titantron before someone in a black hoodie attacked Dani. The attacker revealed herself to be Blair Davenport before we headed for the next match.

Joe Coffey vs. Stacks on NXT

Stacks rushed in and attacked Coffey right off the bat and dropkicked Joe out of the ring. Back after a break on NXT, Joe hit some knee drops before Stacks got a neckbreaker.

Stacks took the Hot Shot before Coffey got a big suplex for a near fall. Joe followed up with a top-rope suplex before getting another near fall. Joe hit a running headbutt before hitting a spinning clothesline for the win.

Result: Joe Coffey def. Stacks

Grade: B

Cora Jade vs. Ivy Nile on NXT

Jade had the early advantage and got some strikes in before reversing a slam and dragging Nile down by the hair. Jade trapped Nile on the ropes and hit a big chop before dropkicking her.

Jade missed a stomp on the ropes before Ava Raine came out to run distraction. Nile caught Ava in a Dragon Sleeper, but Cora used the diversion to get a big knee strike before hitting a DDT for the win.

Result: Cora Jade def. Ivy Nile

Grade: B

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Noam Dar - NXT Title match

Dar got some big strikes early on before the champ came back with some big slams but took a strike to the head for a near fall. Oro Mensah and the rest of Dar's buddies ran distraction, and Trick tried to retaliate before being sent backstage by the ref.

Back in the ring, Melo broke out of a kneebar before Mensah ran another distraction, and this time Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee came out to protest. Carmelo hit a big dive to the outside before getting 'Nothin' But Net' in the ring for the win.

Result: Carmelo Hayes def. Noam Dar

Baron Corbin came out and attacked Melo before hitting the End of Days and posed with the title before NXT went off the air.

Grade: B+

Episode rating: B

We got an epic cage match to kick off the show tonight on NXT as well as a big title match in the main event.

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