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WWE NXT Results (November 20th, 2019): Insane Ladder Match, RAW and SmackDown invades

Greg Bush
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Published 21 Nov 2019, 09:04 IST
21 Nov 2019, 09:04 IST

Daddy's Home and so is the Architect

On RAW, the father of NXT, Triple H, made an open challenge to both RAW and SmackDown, stating that the doors would be open for all challengers. After NXT getting the best of the other two rosters for nearly a month,

It seems that the main roster took Triple H's invitation and decided to waltz on into Full Sail University. The first to enter an NXT Ring? None other than The Man, WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Lynch came out to a pretty mixed reception from the crowd, half booing the invader, the other half chanting "Becky." She said that it had been a while since she beat someone down on the black and yellow brand, but that would change tonight.

She then began to run down her competitors at Survivor Series, WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler. The mention of the Queen of Spades' name kickstarted a "Shayna's gonna kill you" chant. At that point, Lynch threw the gauntlet, hoping to see Baszler.

Instead, she was greeted by former NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. The Mosh Pit Kid strolled down the ramp, eyeing her competition before challenging her to a match.

Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley

Lynch was the first one to throw a real shot, sending Ripley ringside with a leaping forearm. Ripley recovered, catching Lynch's baseball slide and turning it into an electric chair drop on the apron.

Back on the inside, Ripley tore Lynch apart, delivering clubbing blows and bouncing her off the turnbuckles. A cravate hold set Lynch up for a series of knees to the head, leaving the Man dazed in the ropes. Eventually, though, Lynch was able to counter Ripley, leading to a trade of blows.

Lynch, surprisingly, won the trade, but as she bounced off the ropes was slammed with a flapjack. Ripley nearly picked up the biggest win of her career. An enzuiguri would stun her, allowing Lynch to connect with a second rope leg drop. Ripley avoided the Disarm Her, but Lynch countered a roll-up into the submission. Ripley rolled through, turning it into a deadlift powerbomb.


Lynch turned it into a hurricanrana at the last second, sending Ripley into the corner. A dive from the top was stopped, as Ripley set up for a superplex attempt. Ripley was successful, leaving both women struggling to make it to their feet. However, before they could continue, Shayna Baszler and NXT's Horsewomen rushed the ring.

Results: No Contest

Grade: B

Ripley and Lynch were able to send the Horsewomen packing and stood victoriously in the ring.

The Revival showed up backstage to a huge security line-up, hoping to prevent any brawls until later tonight. The Top Guys would take on NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish on NXT.

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Modified 21 Nov 2019, 09:04 IST
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