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WWE NXT Results (November 25th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

NXT feverishly stacked up the TakeOver: WarGames card
NXT feverishly stacked up the TakeOver: WarGames card
Greg Bush
Modified 26 Nov 2020
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We're two weeks away from NXT TakeOver: WarGames, and WWE's Wednesday night brand was in full gear this week, building to the annual event.

The main event featured a ladder match between Pete Dunne and a member of Undisputed Era. The winner would get their advantage in the WarGames match on December 6th.

Tonight, Kevin Owens was the special guest commentator alongside Vic Joseph. The Prize Fighter returned to NXT last year at WarGames to face The Undisputed Era, so it's only fitting that he jump down to the Black & Gold Brand for a day as we inch closer to the next WarGames installment.

It wasn't just commentary that the former Universal Champion would be bringing to Wedneday night. No, Kevin Owens would also bring The KO Show to NXT with the NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff. The new champion bit off more than he could chew last week when he challenged both Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest to a match. No longer wanting to be seen as a joke, what will Ruff have to say to KO tonight?

We kicked the night off with some excellent action between Ember Moon and Candice LeRae, two NXT Superstars on opposite sides at NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Candice LeRae w/Indi Hartwell vs Ember Moon on NXT


The former NXT Champino was on fire from the word go, forcing LeRae to move to her compatriot Indi Hartwell several times. A distraction set LeRae up for a baseball slide, but Moon countered it into a wheelbarrow facebuster on the table. For good measure, she slapped the taste out of the mouth of Hartwell.

Back in the ring Moon caught LeRae diving off the top for a fallaway slam. Moon rushed to the ramp, trying to leave the match, but Moon put a stop to that plan. LeRae momentarily caught Moon off guard, leading to both women trading pinfall attempts. Moon rocked her with a nasty kick, leaving LeRae looking to Hartwell for support.

Moon's suplex was blocked, though, and LeRae finally turned the match around with a clothesline. Escaping a powerslam, LeRae bounced Moon's head off the mat with a hair pull. Moon did avoid a running hip attack in the corner, giving her the opportunity to hit a leg-trapped exploder suplex. A step-up enziguri in the ropes rocked LeRae for a two-count.


LeRae rolled out again, this time with backup from Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonalez. After catching he rbreath, and some interference from her crew, LeRae was able to knock Moon off the apron with a basement dropkick.

The match slowed down a bit throughout the break, with LeRae locking up Moon in the middle of the ring with a chin lock. LeRae would transition into the Gargano Escape, but Moon countered into a roll-up. LeRae kicked out and kept the hold in place. Moon tried to lift her up, but LeRae turned it into a sleeper hold, bringing The Shenom down to one knee.

Moon finally broke free, and began to fire up with a series of running elbow strikes. a suplex/gordbuster combination dazed LeRae. As moon moved up for The Eclipse, Kai and Gonzalez distracted the referee. Indi Hartwell took The Eclipse for LeRae, allowing The Poison Pixie to hit the Wicked Stepsister on Moon for the win.

Results: Candice LeRae defeated Ember Moon via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: B+


Team LeRae tried to take out Moon, but she moved to the floor before she could take any serious damage. Toni Storm rushed to assist Moon, and it looked like they were going to fight them two-on-four. However, Storm turned on Moon, sending her into the steel steps and into the lions den in the ring. Team LeRae demolished Moon as Storm laughed.

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Published 26 Nov 2020, 08:55 IST
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