WWE NXT Takeover: Philadelphia Results, January 27th, 2018, latest winners & analysis

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WWE NXT Takeover: Philadelphia kicked off the Royal Rumble weekend, in style. This was by far one of the best takeovers till date and each match got progressively better. To call it incredible would be an understatement.

Main roster, good luck stepping up to this!

Undisputed Era(c) vs The Authors Of Pain - NXT Tag Team Championship

Enter captio
Were the Authors Of Pain able to write a new chapter?

The Authors Of Pain started the attack on the champions. Rezar started the ground and pound on Kyle O' Reilly before he went out of the ring to re-group.

Akam and Rezar would continue their dominance, with Akam even slamming Bobby Fish face-first onto the barricade. Bobby Fish would go on to tackle him through the ropes to the outside.

The veterans O' Reilly & Fish tried isolating Akam and successfully did so, tweaking his knee. O' Reilly tried submitting Akam at first, but he reached the ropes.

The hot tag to Rezar saw him decimate both members of Era. Fish even jumped on the back of Rezar while he was holding Kyle O' Reilly, but Rezar would end up hitting a fall-away slam, damaging the champions.

Rezar started to wear down when O' Reilly hit his knee to the shoulders. Even so, AoP was getting close to hitting the last chapter, but both members of the Era had holds locked on the former champions. Rezar flung Fish onto O' Reilly, breaking things up.

Akam with the weak leg managed to start landing vicious knees on O Reilly, decaptitating Bobby Fish with a lariat.

AoP went for the supercollider, but only Rezar landed it. O' Reilly managed to escape and sent Akam running into Rezar before getting the roll-up pin on Akam for the win.

The Undisputed Era defeated Authors Of Pain to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship



Kassius Ohno vs Velveteen Dream

Kassius Ohno humbles Velveteen Dream with a vicious elbow strike

Velveteen Dream vowed to knock Ohno out in 30 seconds or less and he did knock him down within that time, but he did not knock him out. Like a boxing match, Dream waited for the 10-count instead of pinning him, and Ohno got up and knocked him right down with an elbow.

Dream knocked Ohno off the ring and even landed a great spinebuster. He dominated the early going of the match. Ohno began fighting back with his elbows. Dream set up a DDT which did not look clean. When he went for the purple rainmaker, he got caught by an elbow but still managed to turn Ohno's charge into a death valley driver.

Despite this, Ohno kicked out, but Dream landed another picture perfect death valley driver and then a purple rainmaker for the win.

Velveteen Dream defeated Kassius Ohno


Ember Moon(c) vs Shayna Baszler - NXT Women's Championship

The climax of the battle happened on the ground

Shayna got a Goldberg-like entrance when she got the walk from the back. The challenger started the match strong but Ember fought back in heavy fashion, topping it off with a suicide dive.

Shayna soon got the advantage and stomped the left arm of Ember. She would proceed to work on Ember's arm with stomps and joint manipulation. Ember exploded back with slaps to the face. She struck back and would surprisingly land the eclipse early on. However, the champion wasn't able to get the pin due to her injured arm.

It was so bad that medical staff came out upon the referee's call. The crowd was not pleased, but Ember refused to quit. What followed this was an absolutely incredible sequence of Shayna Baszler locking in an armbar on the champion, who absolutely refused to tap out, come hell or high water. Despite breaking out once, Shayna would roll around and lock in the armbar but Ember would lock her arms together and find a way to escape.

The finish came when Ember countered the armbar into a roll-up for a good, clean win. Incredible match with a great story told.

Ember Moon defeated Shayna Baszler to retain the NXT Women's Championship

After the match, a shocked Shayna attacked Ember with a rear naked choke before going back to apply it again. She stood tall, but the crowd was not pleased.


Ricochet and War Machine were shown ringside.

Aleister Black vs Adam Cole - Extreme Rules match

Black & Cole battled in an instant classic

No amount of writing can justify just how great this match was. Aleister and Adam Cole went at it in a striking battle and of course, Aleister won the early going.

When Adam Cole got the upper hand, he set up a table and threw in chairs and even took a kendo stick. Aleister took a Kendo stick but threw it away and just evaded and kicked him.

Aleister set up a table of his own beside the other. If only he knew he would be going through both tables. An absolutely chaotic match saw the two get hit by ladders, kendo sticks, chairs and more.

Adam Cole went through the announcer's table when Black double stomped him and Aleister would go through the two tables set up outside when Cole kicked his face with a steel chair.

Ultimately, Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish entered the fray to take out Aleister, but it was the returning Sanity who took them out, neutralising them.

After all the chaos, Adam Cole took Aleister Black in the ring, but Black ended up finishing him with a black mass.

Aleister Black defeated Adam Cole


Former TNA World Champion EC3 was shown ringside and was announced to be NXT's latest signing.

Andrade 'Cien' Almas(c) vs Johnny Gargano - NXT Championship

The main event was one of the greatest matches in NXT history

The two started with some back and forth exchange and some impressive chain wrestling, getting a good reaction from the crowd. The agility of both men was evident outside as they managed to evade all of each other's flips and attacks.

Andrade had control of Gargano and even went for the double stomp but Gargano avoided it and set up the comeback, which saw him hit a slingshot spear on the champion Almas.

Almas countered a head scissors to plant Gargano face first and even countered his charge with a nasty elbow. Gargano then sprung back up to superkick Almas, neutralising them.

Almas went for a top turnbuckle DDT that won him the NXT title, but Gargano superkicked him in between his legs. Gargano went for the slingshot after Almas missed but got caught and planted him. The crowd got up on their feet and gave the two performers a thunderous ovation and chants of "NXT!".

The two were on the apron and Gargano jumped over the top rope and planted Almas with a DDT on the apron. Gargano went for the Gargano escape but Almas locked his hands together and hit a jawbreaker on the challenger. Gargano still fought back and sent Almas flying face first into the turnbuckles.

Zelina Vega tried distracting Gargano. Although Almas did hit him with a dropkick, he still went for the roll-up pin and hit his "DIY" superkick, only for the champion to kick out.

Almas caught Gargano on the top turnbuckles and hit a double stomp to the outside. He attacked Gargano and back inside the ring, hit the running knees. Gargano kicked out to a thunderous response and "fight forever" chants.

Gargano had the Gargano escape locked in and seemingly won the match but Zelina Vega distracted the referee and stopped the submission. Almas raked Gargano's eyes and sent him out, where Zelina hit him with a hurricanrana. Inside the ring, Almas hit a hammerlock DDT to Gargano, who shockingly kicked out.

Gargano rolled out of the ring and Zelina looked to attack Gargano again, but Candice LeRae, Gargano's wife and WWE's most recent signing jumped in and started attacking Vega, chasing her all the way to the back. The crowd erupted into "Thank you Candice" chants.

Now that the playing field was even, Almas hit the double knees to the ring post on the apron and he hit a top turnbuckle hammerlock DDT, retaining the NXT Championship in an instant classic.

Andrade 'Cien' Almas defeated Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT Championship

After the match, Candice LeRae was with Gargano and as they were making an exit, Tommaso Ciampa attacked him viciously with a crutch and walked away.



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