NXT UK Results: Chaotic finish to Grudge Match; Top faction attacked

A new rivalry was kicked off on NXT UK
A new rivalry was kicked off on NXT UK
Levi Grayshon
Modified 16 Apr 2021
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Following last week's unmissable NXT UK: Prelude, multiple stars returned to BT Sport Studios for this week's episode.

The show opened with a bang when powerhouse Saxon Huxley faced off against high-flying star Nathan Fraser. The former trainee of SmackDown superstar Seth Rollins has had an impressive outing during his short time on the UK brand so far.

Also on the show, chaos ensued during the Super Nova Sessions with Noam Dar. His guests on this week's edition were former tag team champions, Gallus. Everything was going on well until they were met with a group of gatecrashers.

This was followed up by Isla Dawn taking on Emilia McKenzie following their tag team match on NXT UK: Prelude. Last week, Dawn teamed up with Kay Lee RRayand McKenzie worked with Japanese wrestling legend Meiko Satomura.

Also on the card was Ashton Smith vs Jack Starz. Starz recently formed an alliance with Piper Niven following their participation in a mixed tag team match.

The main event of tonight's NXT UK saw a former friendship turn nasty. Former tag team partners Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams faced off in a vicious Grudge Match.

Here are the results of this week's NXT UK, along with the winners and grades for each of the four matches on the show.

Saxon Huxley vs Nathan Frazer opened NXT UK

Hartlepool wrestler Saxon Huxley came out first on NXT UK, followed by Frazer. The action between the two men started quickly, and Frazer grabbed Huxley in a headlock.

Saxon was able to easily catch Frazer as he used the ropes to jump into him. He then went for an elbow drop onto Nathan, who rolled away. Huxley followed this up by picking up Nathan and driving him into the turnbuckles.

Saxon then dominated, easily throwing Nathan Frazer around the ring. As Frazer was lying on the mat, Huxley used the opportunity to grab him by the head and repeatedly slam his body into the canvas.

As Nathan Frazer was lying in the middle of the ring, Saxon once again took the opportunity to hit his rival with an elbow drop. This time, it managed to connect.

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Published 16 Apr 2021
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