NXT UK Results: Chaotic finish to Grudge Match; Top faction attacked

A new rivalry was kicked off on NXT UK
A new rivalry was kicked off on NXT UK
Levi Grayshon

Following last week's unmissable NXT UK: Prelude, multiple stars returned to BT Sport Studios for this week's episode.

The show opened with a bang when powerhouse Saxon Huxley faced off against high-flying star Nathan Fraser. The former trainee of SmackDown superstar Seth Rollins has had an impressive outing during his short time on the UK brand so far.

Also on the show, chaos ensued during the Super Nova Sessions with Noam Dar. His guests on this week's edition were former tag team champions, Gallus. Everything was going on well until they were met with a group of gatecrashers.

This was followed up by Isla Dawn taking on Emilia McKenzie following their tag team match on NXT UK: Prelude. Last week, Dawn teamed up with Kay Lee RRayand McKenzie worked with Japanese wrestling legend Meiko Satomura.

Also on the card was Ashton Smith vs Jack Starz. Starz recently formed an alliance with Piper Niven following their participation in a mixed tag team match.

The main event of tonight's NXT UK saw a former friendship turn nasty. Former tag team partners Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams faced off in a vicious Grudge Match.

Here are the results of this week's NXT UK, along with the winners and grades for each of the four matches on the show.

Saxon Huxley vs Nathan Frazer opened NXT UK

Hartlepool wrestler Saxon Huxley came out first on NXT UK, followed by Frazer. The action between the two men started quickly, and Frazer grabbed Huxley in a headlock.

Saxon was able to easily catch Frazer as he used the ropes to jump into him. He then went for an elbow drop onto Nathan, who rolled away. Huxley followed this up by picking up Nathan and driving him into the turnbuckles.

Saxon then dominated, easily throwing Nathan Frazer around the ring. As Frazer was lying on the mat, Huxley used the opportunity to grab him by the head and repeatedly slam his body into the canvas.

As Nathan Frazer was lying in the middle of the ring, Saxon once again took the opportunity to hit his rival with an elbow drop. This time, it managed to connect.

Saxon Huxley vs Nathan Frazer opened NXT UK (continued)

The action in the opening match of NXT UK then continued when Saxon Huxley lifted Nathan Frazer up whilst in a headlock. Frazer managed to work his way out before getting driven back down to the mat once more.

Saxon Huxley picked up Nathan once again. This time, however, Frazer used his strength to plant his feet on the top ropes, and then repeatedly punched Saxon in the head. He then used his feet to propel himself into a crossbody which took down Huxley.

Frazer then used the ropes to give himself momentum to charge at Saxon. He knocked his rival to the outside. Nathan Frazer then followed this up with a suicide dive onto Saxon.

After this, Saxon threw Frazer back into the NXT UK ring. The pair then met in the centre of the ring once again. Frazer then made the most of his high-flying abilities by using the middle rope to propel himself onto Saxon and then took his rival down in the middle of the ring.

While his opponent was down, Frazer hit him with a dropkick and followed it up with a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

Grade: C+

Super Nova Sessions on NXT UK

The most recent edition of Noam Dar's talk show on NXT UK saw Gallus appear as special guests. On the show, Gallus claimed they were ready to pick themselves up following the loss of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships to Pretty Deadly.

Eddie Dennis then appeared to confront the group, who was attacked from behind by Primate and Wild Boar.

Isla Dawn vs Emilia McKenzie on NXT UK

Building from their rivalry on last week's NXT UK: Prelude, Isla Dawn and Emilia McKenzie went head to head in singles action.

As soon as the bell rang, both women started attacking each other. McKenzie quickly grabbed Dawn in a headlock and drove her around the ring. Dawn then fought her way out with a series of punches.

McKenzie kept up the momentum by attacking Dawn with an arm drag across the ring. Emilia then managed to put down her opponent in the middle of the ring and hit her with a pin attempt. Isla was able to kick out of it.

Emilie McKenzie didn't let this deter her and tried to grab Isla Dawn around the waist. However, Dawn managed to create some separation between the two and hit McKenzie with a vicious dropkick.

Isla Dawn vs Emilia McKenzie on NXT UK (continued)

The second NXT UK match continued as Isla Dawn began to overpower Emilia McKenzie. Following her dropkick, Dawn had McKenzie in the corner and hit her with a barrage of kicks. Isla then slammed her opponent down to the mat with a backdrop driver.

Isla Dawn then tried another suplex, but McKenzie countered this into a roll-up. Isla managed to kick out.

Mckenzie then appeared to gather some momentum, but her attempts at offense were thwarted when Isla Dawn hit her with yet another kick to the body.

The two women then exchanged strikes in the middle of the NXT UK ring. McKenzie broke up the sequence by getting a dropkick onto the leg of Dawn.

Emilia McKenzie then hit her rival with a spear, followed by a pin attempt. Dawn kicked out at two.

Dawn then attempted to pin Mckenzie with a fisherman's suplex, but once again, a kick out at two occurred. McKenzie made a comeback and hit Isla Dawn with a suplex, and followed it up with another dropkick.

Once again, Isla Dawn came back with a suplex bridge, which she used to put Emilia McKenzie away for the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn

Grade: B

Ashton Smith vs Jack Starz on NXT UK

The women's action on NXT UK was followed up by Ashton Smith vs Jack Starz. Starz was accompanied to the ring by Piper Niven.

As the bell rang, Jack went straight for Smith's leg. However, Smith used his strength to grab Starz and throw him across the ring.

The pair met again in the middle of the NXT UK ring, and Starz managed to take down Smith and target his ankle. As the pair got up again, Smith quickly knocked down Starz. Ashton then gripped onto Starz's hand. However, Jack managed to wiggle his way out of the hold.

When Starz was sent down to the mat once again, Smith targeted his opponent's arm and isolated it. Smith then continued to pull Starz around the NXT UK ring by his arm.

Jack used this to roll up Smith for the pin, but he kicked out. Smith then drove his opponent into the turnbuckle and attempted a pin, but Starz kicked out at two.

Once again, Smith used his size to his advantage and drove Starz back into the mat. He tried again for a pin, but Jack kicked out at two.

The two men found themselves back in the centre of the NXT UK ring, and Smith knocked Starz down with an uppercut before he used a lateral press on his rival. Smith went for a pin attempt, but Starz kicked out.

Jack then gathered some momentum, and hit Smith with a series of hard strikes. He then attempted a crossbody but was caught. Smith launched Starz to the outside of the ring.

Smith floored Starz with multiple uppercuts. Jack bounced back with some offense of his own, and finally managed to put Ashton Smith away with a roll-up.

Winner: Jack Starz

Grade: B-

Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams on NXT UK

Following the blowout between Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan during their pursuit of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, the pair faced off in singles action in the main event of NXT UK. The bell hadn't even rung when Jordan launched himself at his former tag team partner.

Jordan continually struck Williams, and then sent him down to the mat with a crossbody.

Amir Jordan was then knocked to the outside of the ring by Williams. He then attempted what appeared to be a dropkick on his rival. Jordan moved out of the way and then hit Williams with a leg strike across the stomach.

Jordan then drove the face of Williams into the apron, before he followed him around on the outside of the NXT UK ring.

Williams then fought back with a knee to the face of Jordan, before he launched him into the steel steps. This backfired when Jordan moved out of the way, and Williams fell into the steps himself.

The pair managed to make their way back into the ring. They battled back and forth, and then Amir Jordan sent Kenny Williams down with a clothesline. He pinned Williams, who kicked out just before two.

Williams tried to escape by moving to the outside, but Jordan continued to target him.

Kenny got back into the ring and then hit Amir with a vicious-looking knee strike to the shoulder. He followed this up with a series of kicks to Jordan's shoulder. He then knocked Amir to the outside with a dropkick.

Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams on NXT UK (continued)

The main event of NXT UK then got heated on the outside of the ring, as Kenny Williams hit Amir Jordan with vicious strikes. Williams then dragged Jordan back into the ring.

Kenny once again targeted Amir's shoulder. Williams appeared to be overpowering his former friend and clotheslined him once again.

Williams then struck his former partner in the head and pinned him again, but Jordan kicked out at two.

Kenny then drove his knee into Jordan's back and used his rival's arm to continue working on his injured shoulder.

Amir Jordan fought out of this. Williams lifted Jordan to sit on top of the ropes. Williams then got up, as Jordan hit him with strikes to the torso.

Jordan then reversed Williams' superplex attempt, and sent him across the ring with a dropkick, and followed it up with one strike after the other.

Amir Jordan then appeared to gather momentum from this. He landed a Senton bomb from the top rope onto Williams, but Kenny kicked out of the pin at two.

Williams then took Jordan down with a lariat. The two men lay in the centre of the NXT UK ring and attacked one another with more strikes.

Kenny then took Amir down with a powerbomb. Williams then tried to remove the turnbuckles but was stopped by the NXT UK referee.

While Kenny was distracted, Jordan caught him with a superkick that sent them both down.

Williams then drove Jordan into a turnbuckle that he had loosened. He used this opportunity to send his rival back down to the mat and secured the pin to take home the win over his former friend.

Winner: Kenny Williams

Grade: B

Edited by Alan John


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