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WWE NXT Year-End Award winners, show recap, and reaction

Published Jan 02, 2020
Jan 02, 2020 IST

A bunch of winners
A bunch of winners

Tonight's NXT episode was an interesting change of pace, but one kind of expected. Rather than a typical episode, we were treated to the announcement of the winners of this year's NXT Year-End Awards.

And, man, I love awards shows. I know, for the most part, they're self-congratulatory horsehockey, but there's just something about them - especially pro wrestling awards - that just fill me with stupid glee. I hope if Sportskeeda ever holds a televised wrestling awards show, that they'll ask me to host because I would be all over that like Hulk Hogan on a bandana.

Anyway, let's take a look at the awards presented tonight, as well as - if NXT presented them - nominees for said awards. WWE assures us that all the awards were chosen from fan voting and, actually, I see no reason to not believe them. I'm not being sarcastic, either - I have no doubt these were awarded to the recipients that fans voted for.

So, let's get started.

Oh, and happy new year, you guys. :)

NXT Tag Team of the Year -

Bobby and Kyle
Bobby and Kyle

NXT has, among a lot of things, a pretty killer tag team division. It says something that two of the nominees tonight are not only now on RAW but actually that brand's tag champions. The other two are standout teams on NXT UK.

In the end, though, the winners (and you're going to see a theme here) Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly - the Undisputed ERA.



Street Profits

Grizzled Young Veterans

Viking Raiders

Mark Andrews & Flash Andrew Morgan

The Undisputed ERA

Fish and O'Reilly are an amazing tandem - fans of Ring Of Honor know this already - and more than just "two guys from the Undisputed ERA". I kind of wish WWE would treat them as such. I, personally, don't think they had a better year than the Viking Raiders - they pretty much dominated WWE's tag team division overall - and I hope they give them a little more identity as a team before too long.

So... what's next?

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