Opinion: That ending to WWE Hell in a Cell did nobody any favors

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In the main event of Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay per view, Seth Rollins retained the Universal Championship against The Fiend in a no-contest finish. This result was met with heavy backlash from fans in attendance and online, as for the second year in a row the Hell in a Cell match ends in a no finish.

That finish did no one any favors.

The finish to the match was what most fans were fearing, as many felt WWE booked themselves into a corner with the match. The Feind is one of the most over characters in recent memory and many fans wanted to see him win the title. On the other hand, Rollins is arguably the top babyface of the company at the moment, so they also have to book him to look strong and his reign is still in its early phases.

This is why many thought the match shouldn't have been booked at all, much less in the Hell in a Cell structure. It is also a shame because, up until the finish of the match, it was a really good match. In fact, the whole show was pretty good, including a Match of the Year candidate in Becky Lynch v. Sasha Banks.

For Seth Rollins, the match turned the crowd against him once again. Rollins had gained some of the crowd back that he lost before his SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar. On Sunday, when Rollins was destroying The Fiend the crowd began to boo him heavily as it appeared that Rollins would win cleanly. Now Rollins has Roman Reigns 2015-18 heat, which is something you don’t want for the top champion of your company. The match also made Rollins’ finisher, the Stomp, look weak as well. Superstars have kicked out of the Stomp before and it has taken Rollins numerous Stomps on occasion to win matches, but last might’s spamming of it made it lose its impact.

As for The Fiend, last night didn’t make him look weak by any means, but it didn’t help him look great either. Sure, him kicking out of numerous finishers at one is strong booking, but when he does inevitably lose it will have to be something crazy since it is now established that multiple finishers, chair shots to the head, and a sledgehammer shot aren’t nearly enough to keep him down. If all of that can’t defeat the Fiend, what can?

Finally, the concept of Hell in a Cell match itself has lost its meaning and lure over the past couple of years with the non-finishes. Mick Foley falls off the top of Hell in a Cell, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels nearly kill each other inside the Cell and both matches continue. However, Seth Rollins uses a sledgehammer and the referee calls for the bell? If Hell in a Cell matches are going to have DQ or no contest finishes now, then there is no point in having the match at all at this point. Hell in a Cell was a good event up until the main event, and then things just unraveled and no one came out looking good.

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