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WWE Paradox: WWE Superstar John Cena can wrestle, and better than Brock Lesnar

Joe Burgett
5.46K   //    18 Aug 2015, 10:16 IST
A better wrestler than most credit him for?

WWE Superstar John Cena has his fans and his haters; no one will disclaim his popularity, but there are older fans who are simply tired of seeing the leader of the Cenation on their television screens. Many fans have come to the determination that John Cena simply sucks in the ring and should be seen as public enemy number one. While this is not crazy, it is unfounded when Cena has shown that he is actually a terrific performer in the WWE.

No one will call him the second coming of Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels, with whom he had great matches with in his career. No one will call Cena a great in-ring technician on the lines of Bret Hart and Ric Flair. However, he has shown that he can have a great match with several stars.

It is getting to be quite ignorant of fans to say that the other wrestler is the one who makes John Cena look good, and it is not Cena. Interestingly, Cena is the one calling the spots in most of his matches. He is the veteran, and whether or not he calls a good spot or not is on him and the other talent has to go with it. 

The biggest issue with John Cena for fans has been that he has a limited move-set. Cena has shown lately especially that he hass more than 5 moves, but he always has. In his first match on WWE’s main roster, he faced Kurt Angle and showed more than 5 moves easily. In every single match, barring the squash matches, he has shown a good set of moves.

The older fans hate John Cena so much that they reach for anything they can to call him bad, and his wrestling has been picked on more than anything else in his career when that has never truly been a problem for him. Again, no one is calling him the best technician in the world, but the guy is by no means a push-over.

Cena had a series of great matches with Angle

The problem fans truly have with John Cena is his character. No one can get past this with Cena. His character is boring and he has been massively over-exposed to WWE fans. WWE fans are simply tired of seeing Cena in the main event every single week, month, and year. It gets old when there is no diversity. 

This much a fan has more than enough room to back up.

It is why the same problem they have with John Cena in wrestling is the kind they do not care about with a guy like Brock Lesnar.

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