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WWE RAW 19th September 2016: 5 Points to Note

The noteworthy moments from Monday Night Raw, which didn't end after the cameras stopped rolling.

Reigns was in a steel cage match against Owens

The Clash of Champions go home show of Raw was set to follow the terrific show put forth by Smackdown Live’s inaugural PPV Backlash and the stellar show on Tuesday. The theme the company’s following is that Smackdown and Raw are in a battle against each other. So, after weeks and weeks of overall great storytelling with some in depth character development, Smackdown is way ahead as far as giving a quality show is concerned. Raw, while better consistently than it was before the brand split, has still struggled to be coherent throughout its three-hour course.

But despite that, there were many great moments this week. Here are the 5 points to note.

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