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WWE RAW: 4 biggest questions from the episode before Clash of Champions (September 9, 2019)

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Are the WWE Superstars aware of
Are the WWE Superstars aware of "Stranger Danger"?

WWE RAW returned to Madison Square Garden with a lot of expectations attached. The episode managed to deliver on almost every one of them very well.

The return of Stone Cold Steve Austin spiced things up even more, as we got the Hall of Famer to open up the night as well as shut it down, all at the expense of the United States Champion AJ Styles.

Apart from that, we got a huge tag team match between the Four Horsewomen which had the potential of main eventing the show but was shoved in the middle as a ten-man tag team match took the final spot on the card.

While the bookings for the night were tight, it still had its loopholes which left us asking a few questions. In this article, we will take a look at the questions on our minds, and what they might mean for the Superstars and the storylines heading forward.

#1 Where was Dominick?

Dominick should have been a part of this week's show
Dominick should have been a part of this week's show

Rey Mysterio was one of WWE’s biggest stars in the 2000s and returned to the company amid much fanfare in 2018. Since his return, fans have been waiting for another huge push for the future Hall of Famer even though he turns 45 later this year.

Instead of building Mysterio any further, it seems like WWE will be using the Superstar to give a huge boost to his son’s career who is expected to make his wrestling debut with the company sooner than later.

Mysterio was shown to almost announce his retirement from wrestling in a backstage interview a couple of weeks back after a string of losses, and was only stopped once his son intervened.

Keeping that in mind, it would have made a lot more sense to have Dominick by Mysterio’s side on this week’s RAW where he returned to the ring to take on Gran Metalik. However, Dominick was nowhere to be seen during the clash or after Mysterio’s victory, which seemed a bit odd as he was instrumental in stopping Mysterio from retiring. He should have been a part of the match in some way so that the father and son storyline could have flown forward better.

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