WWE RAW: 5 huge mistakes WWE made on the night after WrestleMania 35 (April 8, 2019)

What was the reason behind Dean Ambrose's failure?
What was the reason behind Dean Ambrose's failure?
Ali Akber

The night after WrestleMania is usually one of the most explosive weekday nights in sports entertainment, as we are surprised by a few new feuds, and a few debuts and returns.

While WWE tried to do the same on this week’s Raw, things didn’t feel as special as they could have at the end of the night. We finally got Lars Sullivan’s debut, while Sami Zayn returned, and The Undertaker left a mark.

Becky Lynch also showed up to talk about her historic victory before jump-starting a rivalry with Lacey Evans.

However, nothing much was done to establish on the fact that there were three unique first-time winners on the show, and no real threats emerged to haunt them.

In this article, we will look at the 5 biggest mistakes that WWE made on this week’s show, and how it can impact the overall storylines the superstars are engaged in.

#5 Gave Bayley a Moment of Bliss


A night after hosting WrestleMania 35, the Queen of Queens returned to in-ring action and took on Bayley in a one-on-one match.

Earlier, Alexa Bliss posted on social media that she could beat Sasha Banks or Bayley and, probably, both at the same time.

Just a night ago, Bayley and Sasha walked into WrestleMania as the Women’s Tag Team Champions. The two lost their titles, and the WWE quickly booked one of them in a match to return a better and stronger Alexa Bliss.

Though the match was good and did what it had to, it was a bit bad seeing a woman who was a champion just a day earlier lose in such a fashion to a returning superstar.

Instead, WWE could have fed Bliss with an enhancement talent such as Dana Brooke or even Tamina. However, the lack of faces in the women’s roster was terribly exposed as most of the roster is heel now.

#4 Destroyed Dean Ambrose


In what was termed as Ambrose’s farewell match, the Lunatic Fringe took on the man who was the Intercontinental Champion only 24 hours ago.

While Rush didn’t have much to say before the clash, Lashley vowed to take care of Ambrose's wife when he leaves. This led to a brawl which saw the Almighty complete destroy Ambrose in a way we’ve seen McIntyre do to the superstar for a few weeks now.

It was incredibly sad to see how WWE has been treating Ambrose, and what they are trying to get out of humiliating the superstar before he departs.

However, the actions leave one wondering whether this was a farewell match or whether it was the beginning of a rivalry. At the end of the night, it was evident that WWE wasn’t sure what to do with either man but needed to have them out doing something and this was all they could think of.

Will Ambrose stay back to protect his wife after the ignition of this angle?

#3 Introduced The Sassy Southern Belle to The Man


For weeks and weeks, we’ve seen Lacey Evans walk down the ramp on both Raw and SmackDown Live, distract a few individuals, cost a few people matches, and then walk back again.

This week was no different as The Sassy Southern Belle decided to follow the same path, but forgot that The Man was in her way.

The two got into a staredown, which led to a brawl and Evans had to run for cover. It was most probably the beginning of a new rivalry between the two women.

WWE had already teased a rivalry between the then SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka and Evans before they decided to take the title away from Asuka.

With Evans being introduced into her first major rivalry with the hottest superstar in WWE today, it seems a bit odd as we aren’t sure if Evans is ready for the big stage and whether she can do enough to act as a factor in front of The Man.

WWE should have introduced Evans into a rivalry with Asuka or some other superstar on her level first, before giving her the push to confront Becky Lynch.

#2 Handed Zayn a loss


Sami Zayn made his long-awaited return Monday on Raw and wasted little time issuing a challenge to anyone who wanted a match with him. He was back in the same spirit he left in, and a botched entrance did not affect the impact of his return.

His challenge was answered by none-other-than Finn Balor, who brought his Intercontinental Championship along for the match. This resulted in fans getting a dream match right in the middle of the night after WrestleMania.

While the match was really good, it did not make much sense to hand Zayn a defeat on his much-awaited return. Yes, WWE wants to build him as a major heel, but a win against someone like Apollo Crews, No Way Jose, or someone similar could have done an equally good job.

Zayn is out there to get some heat, and a loss to kick it off may seem like a good idea at first, but dents his chance to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship whenever he plans to do so next.

#1 The bait and switch


The beginning of Raw this week was as electric as one could have ever imagined as Seth Rollins was interrupted by the leader of The New Day on the red brand.

Kingston revealed that he was watching the Winner Take All match last night and saw how well that worked for Becky Lynch so he decided to challenge Rollins to a Champion vs. Champion to close out the night.

As good as it sounded, fans were all but certain that something was going to end the match in a no contest as we weren’t going to get a double champion for both men and women.

While WWE could have pulled the trigger and introduced fans to the first major threats to both men from their respective brands to interrupt, they instead chose The Bar to attack Kingston and end the match before making it a tag team match.

As expected, the champions went one-up over The Bar and nothing much was done at the end of the night except give the champion and the WWE Universe another feel-good moment.

Instead, an interference from Brock Lesnar, Lars Sullivan, Drew McIntyre, or any other challenger for the titles could have done a better job.

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