WWE RAW: 5 Reasons why Edge and Randy Orton will clash again at Backlash 

Randy Orton changed his mind about Edge being the better man
Randy Orton changed his mind about Edge being the better man
Riju Dasgupta

RAW was a mixed bag of both good and bad this week, but at the end of the night, we had the big return of Edge and Randy Orton to look forward to. One would have assumed that both men would have gone on to face new Superstars and have a staredown again as they did.

So then, barring any unforeseen swerves, we are likely to have Edge vs Randy Orton for Backlash in what is being described as the greatest wrestling match ever by Charly Caruso. Our sympathies are with her because the real backlash is what she will face on social media for describing Edge vs. Randy Orton as such.

But why is WWE going back to a program between Edge and Randy Orton when they could have both men work with younger talents to elevate them significantly? I will try and answer the question with 5 points.

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#5 Edge and Randy Orton are proven ratings attractions

At a time when RAW is struggling to retain viewers, they need big names to bolster the product. Unfortunately, RAW has not been able to elevate stars to the same level as Randy Orton and Edge in recent times. And this is why Superstars like Goldberg have to return for a boost in their ratings.

The numbers have fallen to such an alarming degree, especially for RAW, that the company has no other option but to rely on tried and tested Superstars like Randy Orton and Edge, I suppose. Even if they are only working with each other, older, lapsed fans may come across their names on social media or while they are switching channels, and choose to tune in.

It's just the unfortunate reality of the wrestling business.

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