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WWE RAW: 5 Reasons why The Revival are the RAW Tag Team Champions again 

  • Why did Vince McMahon award the titles to Dash and Dawson?
Riju Dasgupta
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:25 IST

They go hard and they
They go hard and they're your new Tag Team Champions

At WrestleMania 35, the unthinkable happened when Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder became the RAW Tag Team Champions, ending their losing streak. It was a great feel-good moment and one wondered what the future held for these two popular stars.

Over the course of time, it became clear that they were an afterthought with regard to the larger picture. I mean you had The Revival and The Usos compete in a tag team match at WWE Super ShowDown, while the Tag Team Champions were just a part of the battle royal.

And this week on WWE RAW, we saw The Revival crowned as the brand new RAW Tag Team Champions much to the delight of the WWE Universe. Even though they are heels, the crowd, especially the 'smart marks' seem to love them.

But why were the titles put around their waist? I shall try and answer the question in this very article.

#5 Nobody took Ryder and Hawkins seriously as the Tag Team Champions

Honestly, I'm surprised that Ryder and Hawkins got to be Champions for as long as they did. I had assumed that a team like the AoP or even The Viking Raiders would end up capturing the RAW Tag Team Championships some time ago. I would go as far as to wonder if Vince McMahon even forgot that these two gentlemen were the Champions.

With all due respect to Ryder and Hawkins, they have been portrayed as enhancement talent and therefore, there is no reason at all to think of them as anything else. Of course, they are good in the ring, but so is the rest of the WWE roster. Their story was told at WrestleMania.

There's no second chapter in their story. The story ended long, long ago.

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Published 11 Jun 2019, 09:18 IST
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