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WWE RAW: 5 Surprises that could happen- Title Change, Sister Abigail debuts?

Riju Dasgupta
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49.92K   //    21 Apr 2019, 09:15 IST

Could we potentially see Sister Abigail make her RAW debut?
Could we potentially see Sister Abigail make her RAW debut?

Well, they say that the Superstar Shake-up is over, but I'm not convinced. I think this week all the pieces will finally fall into place and we'll know who's in which brand. Which means that both RAW and SmackDown Live this week could be full of suprises. Let us look at a few potential ones in this list.

Surprises are good and they help WWE remain the buzzword for online and offline conversations. While a lot of what WWE does is predictable, we watch the shows to see the maestros in the Creative meetings pull those rabbits out of the hat that enchant us all. Those are the magical moments that remind us why we love wrestling so much.

All of these surprises could potentially take place on WWE RAW. You leave a comment and let me know which of them you can potentially see happening.

I'm waiting to hear from you folks.

#5 The Authors of Pain reunite

There could be so many spots for the AoP on RAW. Firstly, they could be what they essentially are, a tag team that ploughs through its opponents on the quest for tag team gold and glory. But they could also be the muscle that Shane McMahon hires to keep someone like The Miz at bay.

Yes, in my opinion, it makes more sense for them to be on RAW than on SmackDown Live, because of the extra hour. Any tag team in particular, that's on SmackDown Live, may not necessarily get TV time. Plus, they are bigger and not necessarily The Revival in the ring which means that they're more suited to a sports entertainment program.

But it'll be great to have Akam return to action. And to see Drake Maverick on RAW leading the pack!

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