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WWE RAW after Stomping Grounds: 3 reasons why Drew McIntyre should turn on Shane McMahon

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McIntyre should turn on Shane McMahon
McIntyre should turn on Shane McMahon

And it happened again. At WrestleMania 35, the Big Dog Roman Reigns beat Drew McIntyre clean even though it was his first match after recovering from leukemia. McIntyre, at the time, had already beaten two members of the Shield and Reigns was the only one left to taste defeat.

The Scottish Psychopath was going strong on the main roster until then. After his clean loss to Reigns at the Grandest Stage of Them All, things have gone downhill for the Chosen One.

Many expected him to be in the WWE Universal Title picture this year but he has, so far, been Shane McMahon’s bodyguard. To make things worse, McIntyre lost his match against Reigns at Stomping Grounds, despite having the help from Shane McMahon.

So, if a clean loss at WrestleMania 35 was not enough, losing despite the help of Shane O Mac makes it clear that he was put in the burial grounds at Stomping Grounds.

His character, however, can still be redeemed but for that to happen, he needs to turn on Shane McMahon – and here are three reasons why he should do that.

#3 Saving his character as a brutal heel

He is a natural as a evil heel
He is a natural as a evil heel

This has just been mentioned above. McIntyre was the best villain on RAW last year after his return to the main roster. The Scottish Psychopath brutalized everyone who came in his way.

He even turned on Dolph Ziggler to further enhance his character as a horrific heel. Right now, the Chosen One take it another step further after he turns on Shane McMahon.

The Chairman’s son is, right now, among the most hated characters on the show and while turning on him might make McIntyre look like a face, WWE can make him do it in such a way that the fans could sympathize with Shane McMahon.


McIntyre can brutally beat down Shane when the latter is kind to him. The massacre could be so much that…

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