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WWE RAW: Legendary name joins Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in main event 

Greg Bush
Published 07 Jan 2020, 09:50 IST
07 Jan 2020, 09:50 IST

Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens
Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain have been running roughshod on RAW for a while now. Anyone that has stood in the way of the former Universal Champion has been met with a three-man assault by Rollins and his two thugs.

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were two of the most recent victims of AOP's heinous acts of violence. The latter was still inactive when he was taken out, being thrust through the announcer's desk on his last night of commentary. It didn't take long for him to return, leading to a massive brawl between the five men last week.

That set up the six-man tag tonight. However, KO and Joe were short a man and needed to pick someone who wouldn't be intimidated or blindsided by Rollins and his cronies.

Joe revealed early on in the night that he had "a guy" that would catch Rollins and AOP off guard. The duo did well to keep their partner a secret throughout RAW, and no one knew until some familiar music hit.

The Big Show emerged from the stage to a huge pop from the crowd. With the World's Largest Athlete joining Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, their opponents faced a pretty heavy opposition, featuring three of the best brawlers in the company.

Show and company would win via DQ after Rollins attacked the big man with a steel chair. The Monday Night Messiah would lose out on the night altogether after taking a W.M.D. from the future Hall of Famer to end the night.

Modified 07 Jan 2020, 09:50 IST
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