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WWE News: Becky Lynch reveals why Ronda Rousey helped her at WWE Fastlane (Video)

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Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

What's the story?

Last night at WWE Fastlane, Ronda Rousey came out during the Charlotte vs Becky Lynch match and helped Becky get the No DQ win which will see the RAW Women's Championship match at WrestleMania. Becky gave her thoughts on why Ronda Rousey helped her get into the main event.

In case you didn't know...

After getting a win by DQ at WWE Fastlane, Becky Lynch is now a part of the RAW Women's Championship match at WrestleMania. Ronda Rousey helping Lynch clinch the spot at Mania is especially surprising after Rousey's brutal attack on RAW last Monday.

The heart of the matter

In an interview with Cathy Kelly after WWE Fastlane 2019, Becky Lynch explained why she though Ronda Rousey helped her - saying that Rousey knew that Becky had to be in the RAW Women's Championship match at WrestleMania if it was to main event the show:

"Yeah, I have what I earned, right? I have what I've earned for the past, not just the past few months, but for the past few years, what I worked my ass off to get for the past few years," Lynch said. "I have a title opportunity, but that should be a singles match, it should be a one-on-one at WrestleMania, but of course some people earn their opportunities and others are handed them. From the get go, from the get go, the McMahon Family didn't want me in the spot that I was in, but I was determined to get there and I was going to find my way there, no matter the extent. And I didn't really care how I got there, so I bear in Ronnie's head, and we can see that Ronnie's going insane because she doesn't know what she wants. One minute she doesn't want me in the match, the next thing she does, the next thing she's trying everything she can to get me out of the match but it doesn't work, and then she realizes, she realizes, if there is no Becky Lynch, there is no main event." H/T: WrestlingInc

What's next?

Ronda Rousey will defend the RAW Women's Championship against Charlotte and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania in April.

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