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WWE Raw November 14th: Analysing and grading each segment

SmackDown Live invades Raw!

The anticipation finally increased significantly for the male Survivor Series match...

Survivor Series is only six days away, and this meant that the Raw brand had one last chance to generate anticipation for the show, with a number of segments dedicated to the brand warfare that will occur on the PPV. The competitors of Raw’s male team fought in tag matches, attempting to put aside their differences to work as a team heading into the PPV.

While they confronted Shane-O-Mac and Daniel Bryan at the end of the show, the Red brand’s team was in for a big surprise, as SmackDown’s team arrived at ringside. Sasha Banks and Charlotte were forced to team up, just weeks after clashing inside Hell in a Cell.

A number of Raw’s tag teams faced off against a variety of members on the Raw roster. And Goldberg and Brock Lesnar finally came face to face with their much-anticipated rematch just six days away. Did these segments generate the hype that WWE was looking for heading into Survivor Series, or did the Raw brand flounder on their go-home show?

Let’s find out, as I analyze and grade each segment from the November 14th episode of WWE Raw.

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg- Face to Face:

Grade: 9/10

This was the perfect way to produce even more anticipation for the epic rematch on Sunday, with Lesnar and Goldberg facing off amidst a line of security. Lesnar botched up his entrance and tripped when made the customary jump on the apron. Check it out below:

Paul Heyman is a magician on the mic, working the crowd wonderfully, as he dictated the face/heel dynamic in this match. Lesnar was the clear heel here, being booed, while ‘Goldberg’ chants rained through the arena.

The integration of Goldberg’s family into the story helps fans get behind him even more, and Heyman stating that Goldberg’s son would call Lesnar ‘daddy’ after Sunday’s match was an incredible line. Those who have doubted Goldberg’s physical condition were silenced, as he looked outstanding here.

Whether he can still go in the ring is another question, but as for in-ring shape, Goldberg appears incredibly prepared. The teased physical confrontation between the two men was awesome, and Lesnar backing down, earned him incredible heat from the crowd. 

Even though some fans may believe the quality of the match on Sunday will be poor, this was another great segment from an incredible build. Overall, a stellar segment that generated more hype for Lesnar vs. Goldberg II on Sunday.

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