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WWE Raw Reaction (02/06/2017): Did WWE tease a Chris Jericho / Kevin Owens WrestleMania main event?

Will Kevin Owens face Chris Jericho on the Grandest Stage of them all for the WWE Universal and US Championships?

Kevin Owens is the top guy on Raw

We all know a Chris Jericho-Kevin Owens feud is coming. We also know, and have known for a very long time, that it is going to be absolutely amazing. The hype is there. They have teased it a good few times over the past few months and each time I’ve been waiting in anticipation for them to throw hands. The pop from the audience would be out of this world.

Chris Jericho is the current U.S Champion and Kevin Owens is the WWE Universal Champion. Since the Royal Rumble the dirt sheets have been speculating that Goldberg will win the Universal Championship at Fastlane before challenging Lesnar at WrestleMania.

I personally think this would be a huge waste of Raw’s top title. It’s also been speculated that Lesnar will win this match and claim the Universal title.

This would be a massive mistake.

Back when Brock Lesnar first won the top title in WWE, there was a distinct lack of main event power. A special attraction needed to carry the belt for the good of the company. It created a massive buzz and it set the stage for a star to be born when Lesnar finally did drop the title to someone.

He did eventually drop it to Seth Rollins (though he wasn’t pinned) and Seth carried the torch up to his injury. 

Lesnar as champion allowed WWE to build stars

After the brand split, there are a plethora of stars in WWE once again. The builds have been good, the feuds have been good and the writing has been top notch for the first time in a while. A part-timer like Lesnar or Goldberg does not need to hold the top title in WWE anymore.

I’m all for having top stars at WrestleMania, it’s what it’s all about, but they should not steal the spotlight from the current crop of stars that work their hides off all year to claim their spot. I understand they are a big draw but there seems to be a reliance on them that is just not needed this year.

In the segment with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho last night, I have a feeling they started to realise this.

Jericho put forth his intentions to face his best friend Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, in a title vs. title match. Champion vs. champion. The crowd went nuts at the mere thought of this idea.

What was so brilliant about it was the fact that Jericho recognised that SmackDown already had their main event set and it would be good due to the inclusion of Randy Orton. He looked to trump that with his idea of clashing two best friends and the Raw crowd fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Book it!

I have to wonder if WWE was testing the crowd for this idea. As we are aware, plans in WWE can change last minute and though the current plan is for Goldberg to go over in what is most likely going to be a squash match I ask you: What if he doesn’t?

There are so many alternate things that can happen at Fastlane to make the main event that the crowd popped for last night on Raw. Lesnar could well interfere in the match, costing Goldberg the title and adding a bit more personal hate to the feud. This super match doesn’t need the title.

An interference from the Beast would make a memorable Fastlane main event, as well as set up a new main event for WrestleMania that the crowd have indicated they want.

Failing an appearance from Paul Heyman’s conqueror, Jericho could interfere. This could go one of two ways. Jericho could cost Owens the title inadvertently, causing the feud to manifest itself from a place of hatred on Kevin Owens’ side. However, we’d then get the planned title match between Goldberg and Lesnar and as I’ve said, I’m not feeling that.

I’d like to see Jericho helping his best friend retain the title to secure the main event that he teased on Monday night.

Out of the options I’ve gone through, I think the Lesnar appearance makes more sense. It gives more traction to the Lesnar/Goldberg showdown. Furthermore, WWE could use this as a great excuse to start the Jericho / Owens feud by having the Universal Champion turn on Jericho and accusing him of stealing his spotlight and his title.

He could also use the fact that Jericho accepted the match on his behalf as fuel for the fire, especially if he is on the receiving end of a German Suplex or two.

In addition, it would mean that the two main events of WrestleMania would be taken up by current members of the roster. Goldberg and Lesnar would still draw a big crowd but they would not have to go on last, this could be saved for champion vs. champion.

Could Goldberg be screwed by Lesnar?

Kevin Owens would have to go over Jericho at WrestleMania. Having him win by disqualification at Fastlane would hammer home the fact that he needs help holding on to the belt. He is having a hard time winning matches on his own and it is turning the crowd against the reign.

A clean win over the self-proclaimed Greatest of all Time would help to move his reign forward and show people that he actually doesn’t need help to win Championship matches.

I realise a lot of this is wishful thinking. However, I sometimes like to give WWE more credit than it deserves. You’re probably thinking I’m reading too much into Jericho’s comment and they will go ahead with the plan regardless and you know what?

You’re probably right, but we’ve shown in the past that we can change the main events of WrestleMania as long as we make our voices heard. I still like to think that the company says and does certain things to gauge reactions to certain scenarios and this was one situation that got me excited for Fastlane and WrestleMania!

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