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WWE RAW Results 11th September 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

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Lesnar has finally met his match...or even worse!

It was the night of firsts as WWE gave the fans a couple of novel match ups. We had a destroyed Brock Lesnar, dream matches, pregnancy and real-life angles spilling into reel life!

Raw was stacked! Let's delve right in then! Here are the results and video highlights for this week's entertaining episode:

Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan

A great way to open the show!
A great way to open the show!

The Big Dog was greeted with jeers as he came out to face Jason Jordan in this week's show. Another big week for Jordan as he faced John Cena last week.

Jordan came out to a decent reaction and reached out for a handshake before the match began. Reigns, though, doesn't oblige.

The crowd seemed hot for the match as the two stared each other down. Jordan went for Reigns' leg, but The Big Dog escapes. Reigns reversed Jordan's suplex attempt and wore him down with a couple of big right hands.

Jordan replied with a host of his own right-hand strikes. Jordan took control of the match with an impressive belly-to-belly suplex.

After a brief back and forth, Reigns assumed the reigns of the match with a clothesline.

The Big Dog landed a Big Boot and sized up his opponent for the Superman Punch but Jordan shut him down and caught Reigns in a crossface.


Back from the first commercial break, both Superstars were back in the ring, but Reigns seemed to be in control as he landed a headbutt. Reigns was on top at this moment as he got a two-count as a result of a vertical suplex.

Reigns got Jordan in a chin lock but Kurt Angle's son got back on his feet and connected a few punches. Reigns finally connected with the Samoan Drop and covered; two count!

Reigns put him to land another Samoan Drop but Jordan counters and lands a huge clothesline and covers... just the two count for Jordan. That was close!

Reigns and Jordan exchanged punches and Jordan knocked him down and then landed a drop kick... and another near fall for Jordan. Jordan pushed Reigns to the corner; he then took Reigns to the floor.

Jordan looked to take advantage as he pulled down his straps. He executed two consecutive Northern Lights (hella impressive) and covered... but Reigns kicked out.

Reigns landed a few big elbows; Jordan went for the spear but Reigns moved away effectively sending Jordan into the steel ring post. Reigns rolled Jordan back to the ring and finally connected with the Superman Punch, followed by a spear. 1-2-3!

Roman Reigns def. Jason Jordan

Reigns gave Jordan due respect by shaking his hands after the match. But wait! John Cena told Charley Caruso that he was on his way out to have a word with Roman Reigns.

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