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WWE Raw Results 24th October 2016, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

Brock Lesnar returns, huge triple threat main-event and more.

Raw was the go home show ahead of Hell In A Cell

The go-home Raw ahead of Hell In A Cell 2016 came to us from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The huge night included a Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell match and Brock Lesnar’s return amongst some other great things.

How will the US Championship and Universal Championship scenes look going into Hell In A Cell?  There was also a triple threat main-event between Owens, Rollins and Jericho to look forward to.

Who stole the list?

RAW opens up tonight with Chris Jericho. Jericho came out and addressed the crowd and told them that someone has stolen “The list of Jericho”. Jericho gets interrupted by his ‘best friend’ Kevin Owens who comes out and tells Jericho to forget about the ‘list’ because they had more important things to take care of.

However, Jericho, still refuses to take part in the triple threat main-event if he didn’t get his list back. Jericho got interrupted Stephanie McMahon who tells Jericho to listen to his best friend and forget about the list.

The trio get interrupted by Seth Rollins who has the list with him. Rollins says that Stephanie and Kevin Owens would be surprised to find out that their names were actually on the list with Owens marked as ‘former best-friend’. Jerico dismisses this as Seth playing mind games ahead of their match later and demands to have his list back.

Rollins promised to beat Owens from pillar to post later in the night before reclaiming his title at Hell In A Cell later in the week. Rollins left with the list still with him, challenging Jericho to come and get it.

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